Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Accused of Adding to Kate Middleton’s Concerns

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been accused of teasing Prince William and Kate Middleton about their activities in Nigeria, according to a royal expert. Tom Bower, a royal biographer, expressed his disapproval of the Sussexes’ trip, saying: “What they are really doing is putting Kate and William in a terrible light.”

Bower then explained Kate’s challenges, saying: “There’s poor Kate, struggling with her illnesses, when they should be in Nigeria, focusing on their work. Now the Sussexes have intervened, embarrassing the king. Buckingham Palace has rightly decided. not to participate in their game on this occasion.

The biographer also claimed that Queen Camilla and Prince William influenced the king’s decision not to meet Prince Harry during his visit to the UK. Bower remarked, “She’s going to play the duchess there, she’s going to play the royal family card. The woman who sought privacy in California and seemed to be distancing herself from the royal family is now invoking her royal status.”

Describing Harry’s behavior, Bower said: “Betrayal is a strong word, but he acted disloyally and treacherous as a man, a son, a brother and a member of the British public. His conduct was appalling. »

However, Richard Montgomery, British High Commissioner to Nigeria, issued a statement to clarify the situation, stressing that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s visit to Nigeria was private and unofficial in nature. Montgomery expressed his appreciation for their visit, which he said was an invitation from Defense Headquarters.

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