Meghan Markle Alone in Hollywood as Oprah Reportedly Snubs ‘Fake Royal

Recent reports suggest that Meghan Markle’s popularity in Tinseltown is falling faster than Netflix’s subscriber count. Her circle of famous friends and supporters would drop like flies, with many in Hollywood wanting nothing more to do with her. Ouch!

These revelations come from Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell, who claims that big stars like Oprah Winfrey began distancing themselves from Meghan after initially being in her orbit. According to Burrell, Meghan’s Hollywood cloud is rapidly deteriorating, as Americans realize that she and Harry are more of a sideshow and less worthy of the spotlight.

If Burrell’s account is accurate, it paints a stark picture of Meghan’s current position among the upper echelons of fame. Going from coveted “it girl” status to being widely shunned in elite entertainment circles is a pretty stark reversal of fortune. Imagine the humiliation Meghan must feel if legitimate stars like George Clooney and Katy Perry would have refused her invitations.

Industry heavyweights treating her like an untouchable has-been must be devastating for someone who so relentlessly seeks validation. In Meghan’s mind, she is probably creating illusions that she is a perpetual victim. But let’s be real, for all the self-aggrandizement and celebrity worship, it seems like Meghan’s honeymoon phase as Hollywood’s shiny new toy has worn off.

Can we blame the entertainment elite for losing interest in their aimless fake activism? And that’s not even mentioning the stories of her alleged diva behavior and bullying. It’s honestly surprising that Meghan hasn’t lost more allies given her constant spotlight-chasing antics.

At some point, brands and institutions draw the line when their reputation is damaged by someone’s desperation for relevance. Which is why we have to wonder if Meghan’s constant need to be in the spotlight has reached a point where Hollywood is cutting ties with her, as Paul Burrell worryingly suggests.

If that’s true, and if even Oprah Winfrey would distance herself from Meghan, that’s a major red flag. Oprah has been Meghan’s strongest supporter, so her withdrawal marks an important turning point. When someone as powerful as Oprah walks out of your extended universe, it’s a clear indication that the bridges have been burned.

From public feuds with her own family to brazen attempts to distract the world’s attention, Meghan can now be considered radioactive. In her old stomping grounds of Hollywood, losing Oprah’s support is a blow. This suggests that Meghan’s usefulness as a symbol or representation of greater ideals has expired.

This should be a learning moment for Meghan and everyone seeking relevance in the world. The world doesn’t stop spinning just because you want to freeze things at the height of your powers. No, it doesn’t stop for anyone.


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