South Park Targets Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s American Riviera Orchard

The latest from South Park, where they entrusted their acid satire to none other than the duchess of the moment, Meghan Markle herself. The latest episode of South Park caused quite a stir, particularly with its portrayal of Meghan Markle as “The Duchess of Dog Biscuits.” Yes, you heard right: dog biscuits! Their hilarious take on her, amidst her evolving public persona as an entrepreneur and activist, had me laughing uncontrollably.

South Park has never been one to hold back, and this episode is no exception. Describing Meghan as a delusional purveyor of dog treats is the kind of biting satire that would make even the toughest celebrities pause and say, “Okay, that’s a bit much.” But let’s face it: Did anyone really expect South Park to try harder? This is the same show that turned childhood obesity into an antihero and skewered countless celebrities with fearless abandon.

In true South Park fashion, they didn’t just call Meghan the “Duchess of Dog Biscuits” for an easy laugh. Oh no, they went further to ridicule his ill-fated venture into US brand Riviera Orchard, describing it as a sad manifestation of his post-Megxit entrepreneurial efforts. You can almost imagine the hosts laughing to themselves as they imagine Prince Harry selling ginger beer or handmade soap shaped like Oprah’s face alongside him.

If this particularly tickles my fancy, it’s because South Park has captured the public sentiment surrounding Meghan’s latest rebranding efforts. Her new lifestyle brand, with its high-end artisanal products like handmade raspberry jam, seemed more about maintaining a lavish image than a real relationship. The South Park satire brilliantly exposed this gap between Meghan’s carefully crafted image and the reality of her actions.

While some may argue that South Park’s portrayal of Meghan perpetuates unfair stereotypes or crosses a line, it’s worth noting that the show’s satire, compared to its past targets, was relatively restrained. Rather, he criticizes elitist vanity culture as a whole, with Meghan’s efforts serving as an example.

For Meghan and her team, responding to such satire with outrage only amplifies its impact. Critics of South Park’s approach might say it’s disrespectful, but in the world of satire, being targeted by the show is often a sign of cultural relevance. Meghan, for all the criticism, might find comfort in the idea that South Park skewering is almost a bizarre form of recognition.


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