Megan Fox: My Parents Watch My love Scenes

Megan Fox: My parents watch my love scenes

The brunette stunner said her parents ‘don’t care’ about the scenes

Megan Fox says her parents watch her love scenes on the big screen and have no problem with it.

The sultry s-xpot who was filmed almost n-de and in even sx lip locks said her parents don’t object to her scenes and ‘don’t care and are good at’ watching her do it the act on film, according to Fox News.

Even though Fox identifies as a bi-sexual in real life, she admitted to finding it awkward to act out one scene in particular during the filming of “Jennifer’s Body” – namely her makeup session with female co-star Amanda. Seyfried.

“I was laughing constantly because it’s awkward and it’s weird and nobody wants to do that,” Fox said. “None of us wanted to do it, so it was uncomfortable.”

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The couple continued to laugh during the scene, which was recorded on a closed set that day, the director told Fox News.

Seyfried said she was flushed to see her family watching her having fun.

“(My parents) just saw another one of my movies: nudity and my mom got to see me having sex with two different types of people on screen,” Seyfried told Fox News.

“She’s fine, she knows it plays, but it doesn’t necessarily fit me,” Fox said. “So it was tough when my mum sat next to me to watch ‘Jennifer’s Body’.”

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