Media Brands Meghan Markle an ‘Easy Girl’ with Shady Background

The media has made hurtful comments about Meghan Markle, calling her an “easy girl” with a dodgy past. Media giants have even gone so far as to question its roots.

Prince Harry has spoken of the cruelty of these attacks on his wife, saying his family may not have been fully aware of the seriousness of the situation.

He cites examples such as Tatler magazine quoting an Etonian who claimed Harry married Meghan because ‘outsiders’ like her are ‘easier’ than girls ‘with the good past’.

The Daily Mail also suggested Meghan was ‘upward mobile’ because she went from slave descent to royalty in just 150 years.

These comments were not only hurtful, but also showed a clear disrespect for Meghan and her background.

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