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Lil tapz is an American music artist, rapper, influencer and social media personality who is the Founder and CEO of 4DG RECORDINGS. He is best known for his songs such as Cash Talk, Nothing To Something and Shots. BIGSCREW DHB and GIO Gelati were featured in his song “cash talk 2”.

Fast facts

BornJuly 26, 2005
Age16 years old
Place of birthLas Vegas, United States
KindHip-hop / rap
OccupationMusical artist, rapper, influencer


Lil tapz was born July 26, 2005 in Las Vegas, United States.

He was making covers, logos, beats for a living until he met a popular artist named LUCKY3RD and he introduced him to the rap game and told him to start rapping.


Lil tapz is a 15-year-old artist and is best known as a rapper specializing in hip hop music. With over 10.2,000 subscribers and on Instagram @_liltapz, its content has over 60,000 total views on YouTube since its debut in January 2020.


LUCKY3RD collaborated with Lil Tapz. He released songs like Alejandro which has 5.6 million views, also his song called Life Goes On has 7 million views. Lil Tapz has enjoyed making music ever since he was inspired by LUCKY3RD.


Lil tapz started in January 2020 and has gained a lot of fans and people who really love his music. He has 15,000 followers on Instagram and record companies are starting to take care of him. Before Lil Tapz succeeded in gaining followers, he was making covers, logos, etc. To this day, Lil Tapz continues to push for his name to be known. He’ll drop more music later.


When he started rapping, it was in January 2020.

The labels also offer him to sign with them but he prefers to remain independent until the time is right and he feels ready.

Did you know …

  • He receives offers from many music label companies.
  • LUCKY3RD a lot, he is like a brother to him a very close friend.

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