Leave Meghan Markle’s Fake Kid Alone! Meghan Roars as Will and Kate Set One Major Condition for Reunion Meeting with Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and her child had a surprising development when Prince William and Princess Kate made a major condition for a possible reunion meeting with Prince Harry. As the royal family faces a difficult time following the death of Queen Elizabeth II almost a year ago, it appears the rift within the family has only widened.

Royal expert Kinsey Scoffield, host of the “To Die For Daily” podcast, shed some light on the situation. It seems that Prince Harry is going to the United Kingdom, but without Meghan Markle. However, a family reunion does not seem to be on the agenda. Scoffield noted: “The bottom line is that the Prince and Princess of Wales don’t want to meet Harry, with or without Meghan Markle.”

Trust seems to be an important issue in this context, as they want to avoid private conversations being shared with others. The visit takes on particular significance as it coincides with the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s death, which Prince William and Princess Kate are expected to publicly acknowledge.

Scoffield thinks Prince William might be dreading Prince Harry’s arrival, especially as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expected to pay tribute to the late Queen on the anniversary of her death. Prince Harry’s presence could potentially distract attention and create conflicting headlines that the palace may not welcome.

While in the UK, Prince Harry is expected to attend birthday-related events and may mention the late queen in his speech at the Wildchild Awards. After his visit to the UK, he is expected to travel to Germany for the Invictus Games, which he launched in 2014. Although Meghan was initially scheduled to accompany him, it appears her name has been removed from the official schedule.

While in England, Prince Harry is not expected to meet his father, King Charles. The King will privately mark the first anniversary of his mother’s death at Balmoral, Scotland, where Queen Elizabeth died peacefully on September 8 the previous year. Although there will be no public commemoration, Prince William and Kate plan to visit St David’s Cathedral in south Wales before engaging with local communities in the area.


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