JW Marriott Rejects Collaboration Request, Chooses Flamingo Estate Instead

In an exciting new development, popular lifestyle brand Flamingo Estate has unveiled a sensory experience across JW Marriott’s extensive portfolio of luxury hotels. With more than 100 properties across 35 countries and territories, select JW Marriott properties will now offer guests a journey designed to ignite their senses of smell, sound and taste.

At the heart of this collaboration is a unique fragrance, naturally inspired sounds and locally sourced honey from California. Inspired by Jay Willard Marriott and Alice Marriott’s shared love of nature and gardening, each JW Marriott property has its own on-site garden. Guests can now immerse themselves in the beauty and tranquility of these botanical sanctuaries, while staff harvest fresh herbs and vegetables to incorporate into culinary offerings, spa treatments and nightly turndown amenities.

“When we were thinking about a partner that we could collaborate with, we were really looking for a partner that fits seamlessly into this idea of ​​nature and wellness, but also in a way that feels elevated and luxurious,” says Bruce Rohr , Vice President. President and Global Brand Leader of JW Marriott. With many of these exquisite gardens designed by Studio KyLe Giang, the JW Garden has become a staple of the hotel experience, perfectly aligning with Flamingo Estate’s mission to celebrate the world through garden-grown produce and created slowly.

However, this exciting partnership contrasts with the recent difficulties faced by Megan Marle’s American brand Riviera Orchard. Reports suggest that Marle is having difficulty launching her new business, mainly due to lukewarm public reaction to a line of strawberry jams.

According to inside sources, Megan introduced the Lifestyle brand in March via a new Instagram account and sent 50 jars of strawberry jam to her circle of influencers, hoping to generate excitement. While Megan filed numerous trademark designs for American Riviera Orchard, indicating her intention to offer a product line including home goods, cosmetics, perfumes and dog accessories, the initial reception was disappointing .

“She is very upset about what is happening to this American Riviera orchard,” said critic Angela Levin. “She’s not happy with the way it was received.” Levin, who previously collaborated with Prince Harry on a book, mentioned that the Duchess of Sussex is at an impasse on how to continue her business, struggling to find a CEO and boss to help run the operation .

As Flamingo Estate continues to broaden its horizons through this new partnership with JW Marriott, the contrast with Megan Marle’s troubles is a reminder that the path to success in the lifestyle and luxury industries is not always easy .

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