Prince Harry’s Complicity in Meghan’s Entry into the Royal Family, Undermining the Monarchy

Recent revelations have shed light on Harry’s alleged involvement in bringing Meghan into the Royal Family, a move that has had profound implications for the monarchy.

It appears Harry was adamant about marrying Meghan, going so far as to threaten to expose the Royal Family as racists if his union with Meghan did not proceed.

These threats were eventually carried out, even though the marriage took place. Moreover, Harry desired a wedding ceremony as opulent as that of his brother, William, and Catherine.

Despite the late Queen’s advice against marrying Megan and her choice of a veil, Harry and Meghan ignored her advice. It should be noted that Meghan, being divorced, should have followed a ceremony similar to that of Harry’s father when he married Camilla.

Those who watched the ceremony in Britain may recall the expression on the late Queen’s face, which speaks volumes about her disapproval.

One can’t help but wonder why the Royal Family didn’t step in and stop these lawsuits from the start. Obviously, there were underlying circumstances that remain undisclosed. However, it is increasingly likely that the truth will eventually surface.

It seems unlikely that they will continue to stay together, given the emerging revelations of behind-the-scenes conflicts. Megan’s unsuitability for a royal wedding is shocking, given her inappropriate conduct and actions. You have to go back to the beginning to understand the meaning of this situation.

Throughout history, royal families have maintained a long and rich heritage, preserving various assets passed down from generation to generation. In addition, the preservation of the lineage was of the utmost importance.

While the rules around marriages within royal families have become more flexible in recent times, the focus is still on selecting individuals who respect status, values ​​and protocols. They must dress appropriately, observe proper etiquette, and engage in charitable activities and many official functions. Good manners, politeness and refraining from discussing religion, politics or other countries are expected.

Although there were instances where royalty married commoners, these unions were carefully vetted and individuals underwent extensive training to assimilate into royal life. For example, Princess Mary of Denmark had to learn a new and challenging language. In the case of the British royal family, the reigning monarch, since Henry VII, is also the head of the Church of England, which implies a distinct set of rules and conduct.

Harry has always displayed a rebellious spirit, a trait that was sadly encouraged by his late mother, Diana. The world saw him engage in various acts of defiance, and our disapproval was evident. However, his military career and the establishment of the Invictus Games led us to believe that he had matured and transformed into a responsible individual.

On the other hand, Meghan Markle, a former American actress, was relatively unknown, residing on the periphery of the entertainment industry. Although she had a biracial heritage, she had mostly kept this aspect of her life private. Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland (formerly known as Doris), worked as a makeup artist and was involved in early childhood education and teaching yoga. Reports say she faced legal issues, including allegations of fraud related to her non-payment of taxes for a travel agency she owned.

Before diving into the intricacies of Harry and Meghan’s relationship, it’s essential to understand Megan’s background and the events that shaped her journey. Megan’s father, Thomas Markle, worked as a lighting designer and had a stroke of luck when he won a substantial sum of money in the lottery. This boon allowed him to provide Megan with a privileged upbringing, ensuring her an excellent education, especially at university.

However, Megan’s aspirations went beyond the comforts of her privileged life. She harbored dreams of stardom and pursued various avenues to achieve them. Sources say she worked as a yacht girl and even appeared in adult films – an aspect that many believe has been meticulously scrubbed from the internet, although some remnants would remain.

Megan’s love life has also undergone several changes. She had a short-lived marriage to Joe Giuliano, which was later called off. Her second marriage was to Trevor Engelson, who reportedly played a role in securing Megan’s acting role in the TV series “Suits.” However, their relationship eventually ended in divorce. Along with her relationships and ex-partners, Megan had been linked to chef Corey Vitello, with whom she reportedly lived. It is unclear if this was the situation when she met Harry.

Interestingly, it was Corey Vitello who reportedly introduced Megan to the Trudeau family and Marcus Anderson. The latter, CEO of Soho House, had a close relationship with Megan, as evidenced by numerous photos that capture their strong bond. Megan’s story reflects her determination to achieve her desires, but it’s also important to note that she was known for her diva-like behavior and was difficult to work with.

When Megan and Harry started dating, Megan’s persistence became evident. She refused to give up, making her presence felt even in situations where she was initially unwelcome. Instances such as getting kicked out of Harry’s polo match, crashing Tom Inskip’s wedding in Jamaica, and engaging in a public argument with Marcus at the Invictus Games point to his unwavering pursuit. Despite these incidents, Megan managed to get a ring on her finger, eventually leading to their marriage.

One cannot help but wonder about the role of palace security in these events. Were they negligent or simply misinformed? Did they fail to tell the royal establishment about Megan’s past, her personal issues, her numerous cosmetic surgeries, or her tumultuous relationships? It is doubtful. In my opinion, it looks like Megan, Marcus, and maybe even Doria orchestrated a plan to capture Harry’s attention.

Do you remember the photo in which Marcus is seen berating Harry while Megan assumes the role of victim? Interestingly, the day before this photo was taken, Harry had arranged for Marcus Anderson and Megan to be escorted off the premises by Justin Trudeau. A few days later, Harry appeared at an Invictus Games event with Megan by his side, sporting ripped jeans – an intriguing turn of events in such a short time.

Given the existing scandal surrounding Prince Andrew and his association with Jeffrey Epstein, as well as Harry’s temperament and determination, it seems plausible that The Firm chose to let events unfold naturally rather than intervene. Maybe they believed the truth would eventually surface. However, this approach may have been a significant error in judgment on their part. They should have bluffed, informed MI5 of the situation and let the proper authorities deal with it.

Many hope Harry and Megan will be stripped of their titles in light of their shameful behavior as representatives of the monarchy. Their disrespectful attitude towards the late Queen and their lack of knowledge about the Commonwealth, coupled with their constant pursuit of media attention and contentious lawsuits against the British media, are all indicative of behavior well below the standards expected of the British royalty.

I believe the royals were well aware of Megan’s controversial past through routine background checks. Markle’s alleged threats to reveal their secrets during the Oprah interview further support this theory. However, what they may not have anticipated was Megan’s premeditated exit strategy, guided by her Hollywood PR team, even before their engagement. It appears to be a case of blackmail, exploitation of information against the family.

Despite the help the late Queen and family gave to Harry and Megan, subsequent events brought to light a different narrative. In the weeks to come, as new revelations about their behavior continue to emerge and their professional world crumbles, it will become clear that this path was planned by the late Queen. Their actions in her final year were unforgivable, showing complete disregard for her and the monarchy.

It’s possible the Royal Family just grew tired of the constant drama surrounding Harry. He had found a woman who had made it clear to him that she wanted to take him away from his royal life. Maybe the late Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William decided to wash their hands of the whole situation and let Harry go.

I find it hard to believe that the late Queen would have objected to Harry’s choice of husband as long as he had matured and fulfilled his duties as a member of the Royal Family. After all, Prince William has three children who are likely to grow up happy and healthy, significantly relegating Harry’s place in the succession. Perhaps the family hadn’t anticipated how lost Harry would become in this process.

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