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Joey Chestnut

Joey Chestnut Biography

Joey Chestnut is an American competitive eater who became known as the number one winner of the Major League Eating Championship around the world. He rose to national fame in 2007 after winning the 92nd annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest held in New York City. Joey won the title against the then reigning six time defending champion named Takeru Tsunami with 66 hot dods and buns in about 12 minutes. He then defended his championship for the next consecutive years until he captured the 2023 QDoba World Burrito Championship in April 2023.

Chestnut was born and raised in suburban Fulton County, Kentucky. He finished middle and high school in his hometown and attended San Jose State University. Joey started eating contests while in college in 2005. His first eating contest was participating in the asparagus championship. Joey won the championship by eating 6.3kg of asparagus in 11.5 minutes.

His win earned him a spot to compete in the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, where there are 32 Hot Dogs and Buns, winning third place behind Takeru Kobayashi and Sonya Thomas. In October 2005, Chestnut was able to set a new world record after eating 32.5 grilled cheese sandwiches in ten minutes at the Arizona State Fair where the World Grilled Cheese Eating Championship was held. As such, he won the title and decided to pursue a full-time career as a competitive eater. He graduated from university with a degree in civil engineering and construction

In 2006, Joey was able to qualify and compete in a 2006 Nathan’s Contest after eating 50 HDBs. However, he lost the competition to Takeru Kobayashi at the Johnsonville World Bratwurst Eating Championship held in Wisconsin. This was just a minor setback for him. As such, Chestnut entered Wing Bowl XV in 2007 and won the competition by eating 182 chicken wings in less than 30 minutes.

This achievement earned him national and international recognition. Chestnut has also uploaded several videos to YouTube of him eating different foods. His most famous youtube video is of him drinking a gallon of milk in less than 41 seconds. In July 2007, Chestnut and his opponent battled again in another eating contest held in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. He was able to save his name as a very competitive eating competitor by defeating Kobayashi by eating 66 HDB while Kobayashi ate 63.

This made Chestnut a world record sensation who became the first to defeat Kobayashi in six years. In 2022, Chestnut managed to set the 15th Nathna’s Hot Dog Eating Contest record by eating 63 hot dogs and buns in just 10 minutes. He then won a world record in Wisconsin by eating 14.5 burritos in ten minutes in April 2023.

Joey Chestnut Age

How old is Joey Chestnut? The chestnut is 39 years old from 2022. He was born Joseph Christian Chestnut on November 25, 1983, in Fulton County, Kentucky, United States. Plus, Joey celebrates his own birthday on November 25 each year. His birth sign is Sagittarius.

Joey Chestnut Height and Weight

Chestnut is a middle-aged man of approximate standing height of 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m). She too weighs about 104 kg (229 pounds). However, Chestnut’s other body measurements are still under review. Additionally, Joey’s hair color is brown and eye color is dark brown.

Joey Chestnut Family

Chestnut was born to his parents Merlin Chestnut (father) and Alice Chestnut (mother). His parents are middle class people who worked all their lives to provide for Joey and his siblings. Chestnut’s mother also spoiled him by cooking different meals that Joey would make for him and she always made extra for him. Therefore, Joey started his eating habit at a very young age. In an interview he even revealed that he always trains himself to consume enough milk, water and protein supplements that boost his desire to enter and win eating contests.

Wife Joey Chestnut

Is Joey Chestnut Married? No, Joey is not married. He is believed to be at large at this time. Previously, Joey dated his longtime girlfriend Neslie Ricasa in 2014 until they broke up in 2015. The two broke up soon after announcing their marriage. Since then, Joey has not gone public with his private life.

Joey Chestnut Guys

Does Joey Chestnut have children? No, the famous Nathan’s Hot Dog champion has kids right now. He thought he was free and single at the moment.

Joey Chestnut Net Worth

The chestnut is believed to have a valued Net value of about $2.5 million. His main source of income is undoubtedly his career as a competitive hot dog championship winner and social media influencer.

Joey Chestnut World Records | Hot Dog Record

  • 2013- 141 boiled eggs in 8 minutes
  • 2014- 12 ibsDep Fried Asparagus n 10 Minutes
  • 2017- 55 glazed donuts in 8 minutes
  • 2007- 45 Pork Sandwiches in 10 minutes
  • 2021-76 Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs -10 Minutes
  • 2013- Pork Chops 13.76 ibs in 12 min
  • 2023- 14.5 burritos in 10 minutes

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