Jennifer Aniston dated three of her co-stars in real life!

Friends is probably the best and most timeless television show to date. However, the show was not just about friendship. Friends was also dating. Some of the cast members eventually fell in love in both real and real life. We’ve got all the info on the Friends cast’s real-life relationships right here.

The show was about friends together through thick and thin. The six characters Monica, Chandler, Rachael, Ross, Joey and Phoebe were completely different from each other. Yet they see different phases of life together. Some even find their kindred spirits in each other (both in the reel and in real life).

Do you get nostalgic? Here’s a fun video with our favorite characters dancing to the sweetest song.

Jennifer Aniston has dated the most men in the Friends cast

She did not start dating anyone from the cast during the filming of the series. Her partners were cast on the show when she was already in a relationship with them or after they broke up.

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brad pitt

Brad is the most highlighted man in Jennifer’s list of partners from Friends. He had a cameo role on the show where he played Will Colbert, Ross’ high school friend. Jennifer and Pitt were already married when he appeared on Friends.

Paul Rudd

Apparently, Paul was with Jennifer briefly before appearing on Friends. They dated while filming The Object Of My Affection in 1998. However, they remained on good terms after their separation. Paul appeared as Phoebe’s love interest in Friends in 2002.

Tate Donovan

Jennifer Aniston Dated Three of Her Real-Life Co-Stars!

Tate appeared as Rachel’s love interest, Joshua. He later admitted in an interview that it was a bit difficult and uncomfortable. In fact, Aniston and Donvan had broken up shortly before they were seen dating on Friends.

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