Jenna Coleman Reveals Meghan Markle’s Controversial ‘Suits’ Script Acquisition Through Deceptive Means

Jenna Coleman has revealed a surprising turn in Meghan Markle’s journey to stardom, where she allegedly used deceptive tactics to land roles, including in ‘Suits’. Markle rose to fame as Rachel on the USA Network television series, a role she played for seven seasons. However, it appeared that there was a competitive aspect to her casting.

Jenna Coleman originally auditioned for the role of Rachel Zane, the character Meghan Markle eventually portrayed in “Suits.” At some point during the casting process, Coleman was passed over for the role and Markle landed the role. This decision might have seemed odd to those who thought Coleman’s audition was more exceptional and left an impression on prominent directors, given his vast experience.

The surprise behind Meghan Markle’s casting involves her ex-husband, Trevor, who was a notable director at the time. Trevor reportedly used his influence by offering a substantial sum of money and securing several work deals with the ‘Suits’ director to help Meghan land the role of Rachel Zane. However, their relationship appeared to be more transactional than genuine, as Meghan then returned her wedding ring to Trevor in the mail. This revelation adds a layer of complexity to his rise in Hollywood.

Jenna Coleman’s decision to quit her role after learning of Meghan’s alleged manipulation suggests she found Meghan’s actions embarrassing and chose not to engage in conflict with such tactics.

Interestingly, Jenna Coleman’s name resurfacing over Meghan Markle’s career is somewhat ironic, as rumors arose of a close friendship between Coleman and Prince Harry in 2015, a year before Harry does not meet Meghan. Although these rumors never led to a romantic relationship, they add a special twist to the story.

In hindsight, Meghan Markle’s journey to fame, particularly her role in ‘Suits’, appears to have involved a series of unconventional maneuvers that have come to light, raising questions about how hard some individuals went to get jobs. coveted in entertainment. industry.

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