Jay Mohr says working with Jennifer Aniston one of the ‘worst filming experiences of his life’

Jay Mohr Calls Working With Jennifer Aniston One of the “Worst Filming Experiences of His Life”

Jennifer Aniston had sizzling on-screen chemistry with co-star Jay Mohr, but no one knows the two barely got along off-camera.

In fact, they also had a pretty reckless professional relationship.

It all happened when Jen was deeply upset when Jay Beat unreasonably lashed out at her then-boyfriend co-star Jay Mohr, Tate Donovan, for being her on-screen love interest in the movie, Picture Perfect (1997).

According to Mohr, Jennifer instead of taking out her anger on the studio, took it on himself.

During an interview with ELLE in 2010, Jay revealed how working with the Friends alum was one of the worst filming experiences of his life.

“Being on set of a movie where the female lead wasn’t happy with me being there and made that clear from day one,” he said.

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Jay continued, “I hadn’t done a lot of movies, and even though they tested some pretty famous guys, I kind of slipped into the lead role.”

He said: “The actress said, ‘No way! You are laughing at me! Loudly. Between takes. To the other actors on set. I would literally go to my mother’s house and cry.

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