George Clooney is one of the humble and nicest celebs

George Clooney is one of the most humble and kindest celebrities

George Clooney is considered one of the coolest guys on screen. Typically, most of these so-called “cool guys” on the big screen are pretty cocky and dangerously close to the title of “jerk.” Even though there is such a myth, Clooney is one of the coolest, kindest and most polite celebrities you will meet in real life. He is also one of the most charitable celebrities today.

A quora user once shared how his wife’s meeting with Clooney went at a Vanity Fair. “My wife met George Clooney at a Vanity Fair Oscars after party years ago when he was playing a doctor on TV. At the crowded party, she and George did this mix up thing that two people do when they are stuck in front of each other trying to go in opposite directions.

“I’m a huge fan,” she said, instantly hating herself for the trivial comment. He smiled and said, “You’ve been drinking.” They each went their own way. find something better to say in this moment of opportunity.

British actor Clooney uses his fame and fortune to fight world poverty through donations and self-help organizations. Thanks to George Clooney’s charitable contributions, Syrian children are getting an education, people living in poverty are getting funds for food security, and justice is being served for those who commit hate crimes in the United States.

George Clooney and his wife Amal co-founded the Clooney Foundation for Justice to help those unjustly targeted by oppressive governments through the courts, helping to fight poverty by protecting innocent individuals from the injustice of oppressive regimes. She also fights for displaced and refugee children. A recent campaign, focusing on the Syrian refugee crisis, is trying to help provide educational opportunities for Syrian children. Learn more about George Clooney’s charitable contributions


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