Finally, Brad Pitt regretted being a “bad husband” with Jennifer Aniston and having left her for Angelina Jolie

Finally, Brad Pitt regretted being a “bad husband” with Jennifer Aniston and leaving her for Angelina Jolie

It took him over a decade to say something to Jennifer that left more than one ICE CREAM.

There’s a phrase I’ve always liked that goes “you don’t know what he’s got until he loses it”. And apparently, something like that haunts the mind of Brad Pitt these days, who regretted his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston for being a bad husband, according to reports from the Mirror.

It took Brad Pitt 12 years to realize the terrible mistake he made in ditching Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie, and today he not only admits it, he publicly apologizes to his ex. wife for suddenly abandoning her. The former Hollywood golden couple broke up when Brad met Angelina on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Everything comes back

Jennifer Aniston had to recover from the blow that Brad Pitt’s abandonment was when he suddenly left the relationship and took refuge in the arms of Angelina Jolie, with whom he fell madly in love and with whom, over the years, they had several children of their own and adopted. . Jennifer’s grief and anguish was evident to all media outlets who saw the actress decimated by the situation. Although later she and over time she was able to rebuild her love life and today she is happily married and very much in love with her.

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But apparently the one having a really bad time is Brad, who after acknowledging his drinking problem and being upset by the wear and tear of the divorce, reflected on his actions throughout those years. He now knows what heartache and heartache is, so he decided to publicly apologize to Jennifer, who he was married to for five years, for behaving in a mean way with her.

He was not the husband she deserved

According to La Vanguardia, the psychological therapy that Brad is undergoing to overcome all his personal problems in recent years has helped him take the necessary step to make peace with his ex-wife. The actor apologized for not being the husband she deserved and for being an “absent husband”.

According to Mirror, Brad and Jennifer had an intimate conversation in which he was as honest as he has ever been in recent years. Jennifer was overcome with emotion as all the hurt feelings and resentment she had suppressed for years came to the surface and she burst into tears, the source said.

The past, trampled?

Jennifer is now happily married to Justin Theroux, but there’s no doubt her ex’s apology was surely well received. There was a lot of affection there and now, with the situation cleared up, the two can be at peace with their minds. However, it has always been rumored that Jennifer remained in love with Brad for many years, and her fans fantasized about the couple getting back together.

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Would you go back to your ex if he left you for someone else?

When love is so strong, it’s almost impossible to completely forget about it. In a couple, when there has been deception or abandonment, nothing becomes the same again. But this news makes us think about forgiveness in the couple and how it can save us from the danger of egocentrism.

You are probably wondering, or thinking, if you would come back to your ex if, after having abandoned you for another, he broke off this relationship and returned to your arms. If you’re still in love, would you come back to him? Pride as people often doesn’t allow us to make the right decision in these cases, because we don’t want to be hurt. You may still love him, but what guarantees are there that he won’t do the same again? This doubt will always remain; but it is also true that we are human and can make mistakes or get carried away by external factors. Forgiveness doesn’t fix things, let alone fix a mistake, but it does help us think things through and become better people.

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Forgiveness is not always reconciliation

Infidelity has devastating effects for the couple. In many cases, infidelity ends in a breakup. But does forgiving mean reconciling again? In Brad and Jennifer’s case, he felt it was necessary to apologize, but now the years have passed and she’s started her own family. It is said that time heals wounds (and I would add that forgiveness closes them completely).

Reconciliation is a two-way process, and it does not mean restoring the couple again. If you’ve been cheated on and apologized, but feel you can’t get back to that person, the decision is yours and you should follow your heart. This does not mean that you haven’t forgiven, but that your heart will not be the same as before and that you have every right to protect and take care of yourself.

Take care of what you have and strengthen your relationship with who you spend your life with to ensure that neither of you falls into infidelity. And you, would you forgive someone who was unfaithful to you?

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