Fear Strikes King Charles as Meghan Markle Secures New Podcast Deal Following Spotify Departure

Meghan Markle has signed a new podcast deal, marking her return to the podcasting scene following her previous departure from Spotify's 'Archewell Audio'. The Duchess of Sussex has teamed up with Lemonada Media, a media company, to launch a new podcast series. This exciting development comes shortly after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex unveiled their revamped luxury website as part of a complete brand overhaul. Under the new deal, Lemonada Media will not only host Meghan's upcoming podcast series, but will also distribute her previous show, “Archetypes,” across all of its podcast platforms. While details on the content and title of the new series have yet to be revealed, the announcement wasn't entirely surprising, as previous reports had suggested a new deal would take effect in spring 2024.

In a statement shared with Variety, Meghan expressed her pride in joining Team Lemonada. She noted her enthusiasm for supporting a women-founded company that produces thought-provoking and highly entertaining podcasts. The Duchess said the collaboration was a great way to kick off 2024. Lemonada CEO and co-founder Jessica Cordova Kramer expressed her excitement about partnering with Meghan, praising her exceptional talent as a entertainer, creator and conversationalist. She also highlighted their shared commitment to creating impactful content.

This new podcast deal comes nearly a year after Spotify canceled Meghan and Prince Harry's lucrative $15.8 million deal. The pair had only produced one podcast show, “Archewell Audio's Archetypes,” before the streaming giant abruptly ended the collaboration. Despite its short run, “Archetypes” has quickly become one of Spotify's most popular podcast series since its launch in August 2022, accumulating more than 10 million downloads.

With Meghan's return to podcasting through this new partnership with Lemonada Media, fans and listeners can expect new and engaging content from the Duchess, as well as re-releases of her previous series to reach a wider audience. wide.

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