Fashion Houses’ Huge Snub! Jean Paul Gaultier Denies Meghan Markle a Simone Rocha Diamond Dress

The Duchess of Sussex found herself facing a major snub from famous French designer Jean Paul Gaultier. Gaultier firmly denied Meghan Markle the chance to wear a Simone Rocha dress from his upcoming couture collection. Reports suggest that Gaultier, who previously invited Irish designer Rocha to collaborate on a special fashion show in Paris in January 2024, explicitly communicated to Meghan that he did not want any association with her, fearing it would tarnish the image of her brand. According to sources, Meghan contacted the Gaultier team to express her desire to wear a custom Simone Rocha dress for a high-profile event. She said she was a fan of Gaultier and Rocha, with the aim of supporting their collaboration and highlighting the talents of the two designers.

However, Gaultier was unimpressed with Meghan's request and quickly rejected it. He made it known to her that he disapproved of her attempt to use his name and collection for publicity and personal agendas, questioning her motives and tastes. Gaultier, known for his rebellious and provocative designs, openly criticized Meghan's fashion choices, saying she lacked style and elegance. He mentioned being aware of his reputation, his controversies and his perceived betrayal of the royal family and the British people. Gaultier then called Meghan a hypocrite, a liar and a troublemaker who had used her marriage to Prince Harry for fame and fortune, tarnishing the legacy and dignity of the monarchy.

Expressing his disappointment and anger at Prince Harry, whom he considered to have fallen under Meghan's spell, Gaultier expressed hope that Harry would realize his mistake and return to his family and country. While Gaultier said he would welcome Harry with open arms, he made it clear he would not forgive or forget Meghan's actions and words.

Gaultier, legend and icon of the fashion industry, spoke with pride and enthusiasm about his collaboration with Simone Rocha, whom he hailed as one of the most talented and original designers of her generation. He admired Rocha's romantic and feminine designs, noting that they provided a perfect contrast and complement to his own bold and avant-garde designs. Gaultier aimed to create a collection as a tribute and celebration of the beauty and diversity of women, intending to share it with the world at his upcoming couture show in Paris.

To prepare for the event, Gaultier had already invited famous friends and fans, saving them his best pieces. He stressed that he had no room or time for Meghan and her requests, revealing that he sent her a polite but firm rejection letter, asking her not to contact him again.


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