Ellen DeGeneres cries as she says goodbye to her show: ‘Greatest privilege of my life’

Ellen DeGeneres cries as she says goodbye to her show: ‘The greatest privilege of my life’

Ellen DeGeneres has officially parted ways with her talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Welcoming various guests to mark the Season 19 finale, the comedian sent a moving message, calling the show “the greatest privilege of my life.”

On a final note, Ellen spoke fondly of her crew and thanked them for always “surrounding her with love.”

“You surrounded me with so much love and support. You nurtured me and you found a way to make me shine brighter than I could on my own. You helped me to do my best. I love you more than I can say,” Ellen said.

She continued, “To all of you who have watched and supported me, thank you so much for this platform,” she said. “And I hope what I’ve been able to do over the past 19 years has made you happy and that I’ve been able to take some of the pain away from a bad day or whatever you’re going through.”

“And I hope I was able to inspire you to make others happy and to do good in the world, to feel that you have a purpose. And I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: if I have done anything for the past 19 years, I hope I have inspired you to be yourself – your true authentic self. And if someone is brave enough to tell you who they are, be brave enough to support it, even if you don’t understand. They show you who they are, and that’s the greatest gift anyone can ever give you. And by opening your heart and your mind, you’re going to be much more compassionate – and compassion is what makes the world a better place,” Ellen added, fighting back tears.

“Thank you so much for taking this trip with me. I feel the love and I send it back to you,” she said, then breathlessly whispered “Bye.”


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