Biography of Doreen Ndagire

Doreen Ndagire (November 22, 1994) is a Swedish actress who has starred in a number of films, including Comedy Queen (2022), Successful Thawing of Mr. Moro (2021) and Catcave Hysteria (2021).

Last nameDoreen Ndagire
Date of BirthNovember 22, 1994
Place of birthStockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden
Current jobActress
Height5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Net value$1 million

Doreen Ndagire wallpaper

Doreen Ndagire was born on November 22, 1994 in Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden. to Ugandan parents who immigrated to Sweden.

Doreen Ndagire Education

Doreen Ndagire studied at the Actors Temple London Meisner Foundation and the Kingdom Drama School. She graduated from these acting schools in 2018.

Doreen Ndagire Height

Doreen Ndagire is 172cm/5’8 tall.

Net worth of Doreen Ndagire

Doreen Ndagire has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She is a Swedish actress known for her films, including Comedy Queen (2022), Successful Thawing of Mr. Moro (2021), and Catcave Hysteria (2021).

Doreen Ndagire Mari

Doreen Ndagire’s husband is not known as it is unclear if she is dating someone or married to someone.

Doreen Ndagire Religion

Doreen Ndagire is Christian by religion. She practices the Christian faith.

Filmography of Doreen Ndagire

2022 COMEDY QUEEN Sanna Lenken/FLX & SF Studios

2022 TOPPEN/FLX and Amazon Studios
2022 INGEN ÄNGEL /Viaplay Studios
2022 LEVA VIE Susanne Thorson/FLX
2022 DUMPAD Sophie Vukovic/Warner Bros IPTV
2020 BECK Pontus Klänge/Filmlance Ab
2020 MÅSTE GITT Abbe Hassan & Ivica Zubak/SVT & Indian Summerfilm

2021 CATCAVE HYSTERIA Angelika Abramovich/SKH
2021 LYCKAD UPPTINING AV HERR MORO Jerry Carlsson/Verket Production Ab

2021 VÅREN VAKNAR Johan Paus/Stadteater Stockholm
2021 LAVANDERÍA Nachla Libre/Unga Klara
2020 NATIONEN Beata Gårdeler/Backa Teater
2019 24 TIMMAR SVART KVINNA Josette Bushell Mingo/Riksteatern
2018 MOR/DOTTER Julia Marko-Nord/Stockholms Stadsteater
2017 SVARET Ayesha Quraishi/Stockholms Stadteater
2017 VERKLIGHETEN Olof Hanson/Stockholms Stadteater