Did Tom Cruise get plastic?

Did Tom Cruise have plastic?

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos

Do men become more charming with age?

If not, then Tom Cruise had to undergo plastic surgery.

Of course, I’m just speculating.

At least for now.

Before and after pictures

Yeah, I’ll do some comparisons on Tom to see if I can come up with anything. Check it out.

Did Tom Cruise receive botox injections?

Did Tom Cruise have plastic?

Look at that beautiful smile!

You don’t have to look far because his laugh lines seem to have given him away.

They faded over time, so I think botox may have come into play here.

What do you think?

Has Tom got a makeover?

Did Tom Cruise have plastic?

At this point, I don’t think he has.

Tom’s facial skin looks tighter, but his slightly puffy cheeks seem to suggest that the fillers are doing all the work.

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What do you think?

Has Tom ever had his nose done?

Did Tom Cruise have plastic?

I’ve heard this rumor a lot and it’s nothing more than a bunch of bulls.

Seriously, look at these photos!

Can you spot any differences?

Of course, his nose looks a bit crooked now, so he might have broken it before. But guess what… he didn’t fix it.

Has Tom had a hair transplant?

Did Tom Cruise have plastic?

This one was tough.

Tom definitely had a receding hairline and a few thinning patches. However, it doesn’t seem like it needed much work.

I’m leaning towards a yes here. But just a minor procedure to fill in some missing strands.

And his teeth?

Did Tom Cruise have plastic?

I guess no one is perfect.

Even someone like Tom Cruise has flaws too. Yes, he had crooked teeth and I’m sure it took some serious dental work to fix them.

To this day, he still has a single-tooth, which luckily hasn’t affected his charm.

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Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that the actor has an almost perfect face.

So I wouldn’t blame her for trying to maintain it, even with plastic surgery help.

But I didn’t see anything particularly intrusive. Maybe he had a few needles here and there to treat some wrinkles. It is more or less that.

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