Courtney Waldrop Bio, Age, Husband, Kids, Net Worth, Sweet Home Sextuplets

Courtney Waldrop Sweet Home Sextuplets

Biography Courtney Waldrop

This is what you need to know about Courtney Waldrop, a well-known American reality TV star. Together with her husband Eric Waldrop she starred in the reality show of TLC, Sexually Sweet Home. Courtney struggled with multiple miscarriages and tried fertility drugs to help with further pregnancies. Although Courtney received a low dose, she soon became pregnant with hexagons, doubling the size of her family.

Courtney Waldrop Age

Courtney Waldrop was born on March 3, 1982 in the United States. He is 38 years old since 2020.

Courtney Waldrop Height

Courtney Waldrop Spouse

Courtney has been married to her husband Eric Waldrop since 2017. The couple have been together since the eighth grade and got married in 2004. Together they are blessed with nine children.

Courtney Waldrop Children

Courtney and her husband Eric are the parents of their nine children – Saylor (2010), Wales and Bridge twins (2013), and the sextuplets, Rayne, Rawlings, Rivers, Tag, Layke and Blu, were born ten weeks premature in December. 2017.

    Sexually Sweet Home

Sweet houses

Courtney Waldrop Net Worth

The Waldrop family has a net worth of approximately $ 500,000 – $ 1 million.

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Courtney Waldrop career

According to Distractify, Courtney worked at Albertville City Schools as a first-grader. In the pilot episode of the show, he revealed that he has been teaching for over 13 years.

Courtney Waldrop – Sexually Sweet Home

The Waldrops did not want to have nine children. They had three boys and were expecting another one. They had trouble getting pregnant again, which led Courtney to undergo low-dose treatment. She ended up pregnant with six children: three boys (named Blu, Layke and Tag) and three girls (Rawlings, Rayne and Rivers.)

They add that although they have cameras that record their daily lives, their lives have remained largely unchanged. “It’s like watching a video at home,” says Courtney. “It’s hard to imagine being in the homes of millions of people. I feel like he is alone in our house. “

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