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Chad ehlers is a former nurse turned social media influencer. Chad took his life experience and made it something that no one thought they could do. Chad is a father of sixteen-year-old Kyra and two-year-old Miss Mia who is battling leukemia.

Fast facts

BornNovember 11, 1983
Age37 years
Place of birthNew Orleans, Louisiana, United States
ResidenceChattanooga, Tennessee


To be born and grow

Chad ehlers was born in New Orleans on November 11, 1983. He moved to Alabama with his father and attended 6 different high schools. When he was 17, his father returned to Louisiana and Chad stayed in Alabama so that he could finish high school.


Sadly, Chad became homeless and slept in his car and drove to a local truck stop each morning to clean up before school. At 18, he was working full time, living in a hotel, and going to school full time. He moved to Cleveland, Tennessee and graduated from his nursing associations. At that time, he was not only working full time and going to school, he was raising his eldest daughter Kyra on his own.

He was able to earn a personal training diploma while attending nursing school full time.

Private life

Chad also has her 2 year old daughter Mia who is battling cancer. Chad has a master’s and a bachelor’s degree. He was in the process of becoming a traveling nurse when he decided to become a full-time social media influencer. Shortly after stopping breastfeeding after 10 years, Mia was diagnosed with cancer. He started the Chad Change movement to bring positivity to the world through dance. He travels to organize gala events with Chad Change to raise funds for local children’s hospitals.


TV interviews

Chad, who is best known on Tik Tok as Da_Chad, took over Tik Tok with his dancing and positivity. He has been featured in numerous articles online and in countless TV interviews with his local news channels. He is known to work with several charities to raise money for them.

Change in Chad

Last year Chad decided to quit his full-time nursing job and became a full-time influencer and motivational speaker. He started Chad Change to help people looking for a safe place to express their feelings. He has several groups in his movement for people to join and help each other by learning each other’s stories.


He decided he wanted to take his move and change on the road, in October of last year he went to Kansas City. While in Kansas City, he met a few other influencers and they paid for groceries for several families. Then he traveled to Florida for a charitable fundraiser for his daughter Mia.

Erlanger Children’s Hospital

On January 9 of this year, he organized a fundraiser for the Erlanger Children’s Hospital in Chattanooga. The event was sold out and with several influencers who attended for this event and uploaded to Tik Tok, it was able to level 15K for the hospital. He will then travel to Vegas for the Tik Tok Invision in April. This is where creators big and small will take control of Vegas to spread positivity and fun.

Social media

To date, Chad has 1.1 million subscribers on Tik Tok and 67.0k on Instagram.

Did you know…

  • Chad holds a master’s and a bachelor’s degree.
  • He started Chad Change to help people looking for a safe place.

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