Brooke Shields Responds to Meghan Markle’s Empowering Speech on International Women’s Day

At the SXSW event in Austin, Texas, on Friday, Meghan Markle gave a remarkable speech that resonated with the audience, and Brooke Shields offered her response to one of Markle's anecdotes about activism. her youth. Markle shared a personal experience from her childhood where she took a stand against a sexist TV ad for dishwashing liquid, ultimately leading to its change. Following Markle's story, Shields, with a touch of humor, remarked, “That's one of the reasons we differ. I wish I'd known you when I was 11.”

On International Women's Day, Meghan Markle joined Brooke Shields, Katie Couric, Errin Haines and Nancy Wang Yuen in a panel discussion titled “Breaking Barriers, Shaping Narratives: How Women Lead on Screen and outside. The Duchess of Sussex, known for her powerful voice, delivered a captivating speech at the SXSW event. Her speech focused on the harmful effects of social media on women, emphasizing that monetary gains should not come at the expense of logic and well-being.

Markle addressed the toxicity prevalent on social media platforms and shared her personal approach to dealing with it, which involves maintaining a healthy distance. She spoke about the negative comments she faced, particularly during her pregnancies with Archie and Lily, expressing shock at the “nasty and cruel” nature of the online discourse.

Additionally, Markle expressed her disappointment with the phenomenon of women perpetuating hatred towards their fellow men, emphasizing the need for unity and support among women rather than tearing each other apart.

Markle's thought-provoking speech left a lasting impact on the audience, inspiring them to think about the importance of encouraging each other and fostering a positive online environment.


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