Audrey Hale Wiki and Biography

Audrey Hale is a trans-American graphic designer and illustrator who is best known as the Nashville Christian School Printmaker. She was responsible for the deaths of 6 people. Audrey Hale, who had not been involved in any criminal activity prior to the incident, opened fire on The Covenant School, resulting in the tragic deaths of three children and three adults, authorities said.

NameAudrey Hale
Age28 years
Current jobGraphic designer
EducationNossi College of Art and Design
Famous forNashville Christian School shooting

Audrey Hale Career

Audrey Hale was a Nashville-based graphic designer and illustrator who created logos and branding to “help tell a company’s story” according to her online biography.

Audrey Hale Education

Audrey Hale graduated from Nossi College of Art & Design in Nashville in 2022.

Audrey Hale Christian School Shooting

Hale had carefully planned the attack with detailed maps and surveillance, police said.

While the shooter could have targeted The Covenant School, Drake stopped short of saying that Hale was chasing specific people.

Covenant school principal Katherine Koonce, 60, was among those killed. “She targeted random students in the school … who she came into contact with, she fired bullets,” Drake said, referring to the shooter.

Hale opened a locked door to enter the school, officials said.

The former student is said to have left behind writings studied by local and federal investigators.

“We have paperwork that we will go through that relates to that date, the actual incident,” Drake told reporters hours after the shooting. “We have a map drawn of how this was all going to play out.”

He said Hale was transgender.

Officials “feel she identifies as trans, but we’re still in the initial investigation into all of this and whether it actually played a role in this incident,” Drake said.

Former school principal Bill Campbell said he remembered Hale when he was in third grade in 2005 and fourth grade in 2006, citing yearbooks he keeps.

“It’s just an absolute tragedy what happened to the former student and what she did to teachers and students,” Campbell said.

Hale was not listed as a student in yearbooks in fifth or sixth grade, so Campbell said he believed Hale transferred after fourth grade.

“I looked back in my yearbooks and remember her as a former student,” the former principal said. “She was just one of our young girls. … She was just a typical student. A typical student.

Campbell couldn’t recall any issues Hale might have had at the time that might have raised red flags.

“I think about that student and our relationship when she was there, there was nothing out of the ordinary and unusual,” the former school administrator said. “She was loved and appreciated like all of our students.”

Hale came to school on Monday with two AR-type weapons and a handgun, Drake said.

Two of those three guns were obtained legally in the Nashville area, he added.

Hale was confronted by five officers and two of them opened fire, killing the attacker, authorities said.

A car near the scene helped police determine who the shooter was, and investigators were searching Hale’s home, he said.

Police tactical units were spotted using a grenade-like device to break into the residence, which is listed as Hale’s home.

“It’s a big family, and it’s a tragedy,” said a neighbor.

There was no response Monday afternoon to the multiple phone numbers listed for Hale’s mother and brother.

Drake praised his officers for immediately attacking the shooter.

“It could have been much, much worse,” he said.

Hale’s writings also indicated that The Covenant School was not the killer’s only target, authorities said.

“It indicates that there were going to be shootings in multiple locations, and the school was one of them,” Drake told NBC News.

Officers averted more deaths through their quick work, Nashville Mayor John Cooper said.

“Congratulations to our first responders, 14 minutes, 14 minutes, I believe under fire, running towards gunfire,” Cooper told reporters.

Audrey Hale Parents

The names of Audrey Hale’s parents have yet to be revealed to the public.