Angela Levin Criticizes Prince Harry for Allegedly Attacking Royal Family in Defense of Meghan Markle

In a newly discovered 2017 interview, Prince Harry revealed that he considered leaving the British royal family for years before finally making the decision to step down. This interview offers insight into her inner struggles with royal life. The Duke of Sussex shared several surprising revelations during his conversation with journalist and author Angela Levan, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Reflecting on his years before marriage and the challenges he faced at the Royal Institution, Harry confessed: “I spent my years fighting and I didn't want to grow up.” He admitted to considering leaving, but ultimately chose to stay and carve out a meaningful role for himself. His decision to stay was primarily motivated by his loyalty to Queen Elizabeth II.

In the candid dialogue, Harry also discussed the future of the monarchy, particularly in the wake of his grandmother's possible death. He suggested that the institution would inevitably undergo transformation and stressed the need to adapt in the face of societal changes. “No one in the royal family wants to be king or queen,” he remarked, emphasizing the need to modernize the monarchy to align it with contemporary values ​​and the rapid pace of technological advancement, with social media being a notable influence.

Additionally, Harry spoke about the profound impact the death of his mother, Princess Diana, had on him and his brother, Prince William. He recalled the harrowing experience of walking behind his coffin as a teenager and expressed his disbelief at the expectations placed on him at such a tender age. “I don't think you should ask a child to do that, under any circumstances. It certainly wouldn't happen today,” he lamented to Levan.

Angela Levan, renowned for her in-depth work on the British royal family, including a biography of Queen Camila published in September 2022, has yet to respond to inquiries about the unearthed interview. Similarly, requests for comment from Archewell, the trade organization created by Harry and Meghan, remain unanswered.

Prince Harry's revelations provide insight into the personal struggles and thoughts of a member of the British royal family. They have sparked new discussions about the future of the institution and the complexities of royal life in the modern era. So, what do you guys think about this news? How do Prince Harry's recent revelations about his desire to leave the royal family highlight the challenges facing modern Royals?


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