You’re the One Who Needs to Apologize!

Meghan Markle’s close friend Andy Cohen has joined the chorus of voices speculating about Catherine, Princess of Wales’s absence from the public eye in recent months. However, Cohen’s recent apology on his show “Andy Cohen Live” on Sirius XM has sparked skepticism from royal fans who believe it comes too late.

During the April 1 episode, Cohen expressed his regret, saying, “I just want to say that I’m heartbroken by the news about Princess Catherine. I wish I’d kept my mouth shut.” He also mentioned that they were all praying for Princess Catherine and King Charles. The talk show host had faced heavy criticism after sharing his thoughts on the various rumors surrounding the princess’s absence.

Nonetheless, some argue that Cohen’s apology lacks sincerity due to the timing. One person commented on social media: “It’s not sincere when it’s done this late… Mr. Cohen, keep your apologies where the sun don’t shine.” Another remarked: “A little too late.” This is why you should think before you speak.

Many expected Cohen to issue an apology earlier, possibly via social media, and then reiterate it on his show once he returned. Cohen had previously discussed one of the conspiracy theories regarding Catherine’s removal from public view on his podcast, which aired shortly before his devastating announcement. He explained that the delay in resolving the problem was due to the hiatus of his radio show.

As rumors about Catherine’s absence proliferated online, Cohen contributed to the speculation by discussing these conspiracy theories in his March 22 podcast episode. Before that, he even fueled the wild theory that a body double had posed as the princess during a visit to a farmers’ market. Such remarks drew criticism from those who believed Cohen should have refrained from commenting on Catherine’s situation altogether.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have also been criticized for allegedly ignoring their Sussex Squad and the negative behavior shown by some of their fans towards Catherine. Critics say that if the pair are truly against trolling and misinformation, they should distance themselves from people like Christopher Bowie and the Sussex Squad. Failure to do so, in their view, would make Harry and Meghan hypocrites.

Andy Cohen is facing backlash for his comments about Meghan Markle and the controversy surrounding Catherine’s absence. Despite his subsequent apology, many question his sincerity and timing. At the same time, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are also under scrutiny for their response to negative online behavior from their supporters.

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