Who Is Teddy Soares On Love Island 2021?

Senior financial advisor Teddy stands up searches through a partner for him Love island this season. After entering the villa on day 12, the 26-year-old handsome Adonis is already the center of attraction for several girls at the villa. He immediately presented himself as one of the lovable guys in the villa. His late arrival shook things up in the villa.

Upon entering the villa on day 12, Teddy Soares had a speed date with Kaz, Rachel, Sharon and Faye. Among them, Soares is paired with Faye on day 14. Let’s see who will reach Soares by the end of the series. Not only did Soares become popular with female islanders at the mansion, but it also became an instant fan favorite.

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Who is Love Island’s teddy bear?

Teddy Soares is a financial advisor starting at Love Island. He is one of the islanders for the seventh series of the show. He is the newest contestant in the 7th series. He entered the villa on day 12 of the show.

He was initially paired with Faye Winter. The show was originally scheduled to air in the summer of 2020 but has been postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As he walked into the mansion, he said, “The law of attraction is probably what I believe in, so being in the mansion is part of that thought process.”

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Teddy Soares short biography: how old is he?

The handsome noble Teddy Soares was born in 1995. He grew up in Manchester. He is 26 years old and celebrated his 26th birthday this year. He belongs to the African-European ethnicity and his religion is Christianity. His eye and hair color are both dark brown. He has an athletic build. He is about 6 feet tall.

He is a graduate of Henley College.

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Source: Instagram @ teddy_soares

What is Teddy Soares’ job?

Teddy Soares is a senior financial advisor based in Manchester. He works at White Oak UK. He joined the company in April 2017. His Linkedin biography reads:

I arrange straightforward financing solutions for professional and commercial companies across the UK. Offers an excellent alternative to your daily banking connections without tying up your existing facilities. The type of facilities includes

Loans to cover taxes and VAT

Asset and vehicle financing

Case funding

business development

Practice financing for the legal and accounting industries

Disbursement Financing

Renovation loans

Debt financing

Business Loans

Acquisitions / Mergers

Unsecured funding


Funding for IT & software

He was once a model and worked for Abercrombie & Fitch from 2011 to 2014. He then worked as a customer service representative for Biffa in 2014.

In 2016 he worked as National Business Development Manager at SWR.

He then worked as Field Sales Executive for Cawleys Waste & Resource Management in 2016.

Teddy Soares job

Source: Instagram @ teddy_soares

Teddy rises on Instagram

The star of the seventh series of Love Islander, Teddy Soares, is very popular on Instagram. He’s pretty active on social media and has over 16,000 followers on Instagram. He often shares his pictures on Instagram. Find out more about him on Instagram @teddy_soares.

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