Who is Monica Bellucci’s new love?

Who is Monica Bellucci’s new love?

The Italian already revealed a few weeks ago that she has a new relationship and now photographs have revealed who she is

Actress Monica Bellucci is horny again and we already know who with. If a few weeks ago the Italian revealed to the magazine Paris Match that for the first time since her divorce from the actor Vincent Cassel, she “felt loved again”, now certain photographs disseminated by the French publication Here reveal the identity of her lover. This is Nicholas Lefebvre, a 36-year-old French artist he met last summer. Since then, the couple have handled the relationship with the utmost discretion until the cameras catch them taking a particularly caramelized walk.

Nicholas Lefebvre has a six-year-old daughter from a previous relationship and owns an art gallery in Paris. Swimming in her Instagram profile would make her suspicious of her relationship with the famous performer. However, her passion and dedication to the art world is evident, especially the ethnically inspired designs that feed the social media of this bohemian-looking artist who fell in love with one of the most desired actresses on celluloid.

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Who is Monica Bellucci's new love?

As the protagonist of Malena had advanced, her new love is totally foreign to the world of cinema and entertainment. “A normal person,” Monica told Paris Match without going into more detail, but she fully understood the lifestyle of an actress of her stature. “The man with whom I share my life does not have the same profession as me, but he travels very often. So the rhythm of her work allows her to understand mine “, she explained. In the same interview, the Italian confided that she was living” a magnificent moment “and had found her freedom five years after having divorced from her husband.

Who is Monica Bellucci's new love?

Vicent Cassels, who she was married to for 14 years and separated in 2013, has also rebuilt her life. The actor married model Tina Kunakey, 30 years younger, in the French town of Bidart last August. “This woman is much younger than she would have imagined, but you do not choose the person with whom you fall in love”, had then declared Cassel in the Italian edition of the magazine Vanity Fair. Around this time, his ex-wife confessed to the press that he had a hard time falling in love with someone much younger than her. It is clear that nothing is impossible since without reaching the mark of his ex, he is 18 years older than his current companion.

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