Who is Def Noodles? Real name and age gap

Def Noodles (Dennis Faitosa) faces the possibility of being ostracized by his audience and experiencing uproar on his podcasts and on Reddit due to his chaotic interactions with women.

This article will extensively explore the truth regarding Def Noodles Girlfriend, his previous romantic involvements, and all the conflicts and hatred.

With over 500,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel now, he is a content creator known for making videos on current trends, media drama, rumors and controversies.

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Who is Def Noodles? Real name and age gap

Raven Fraser, an American forensic technician based in Los Angeles, California, is a friend of Def Noodles, and she worked in Los Angeles County. Coroner’s Department since March 2021.

Talking about her educational background, she completed her Masters from University of California, Los Angeles.

Prior to her graduate studies, she attended the American College of Nursing and UC Davis for her undergraduate degree.

Currently, the Def Noodles friend works in public safety and has work experience in healthcare and government administration.

Given that she has already obtained a master’s degree and has been working for over seven years, it is reasonable to conclude that there is no significant age difference between Fraser and Def.

Def Noodles’ previous relationship with a 22-year-old porn star who had an Only Fans account when he was 37 sparked controversy on Reddit before he started dating Fraser.

Chaotic subreddit regarding Def Noodles relationship (source: Reddit)

Viewers called out Def Noodles for dating a younger woman after he criticized the likes of Keemstar for “predatory” behavior.

Not long ago, his ex-employee and some of his ex-girlfriends exposed him for his ridiculous behavior towards them, causing a huge uproar on his Reddit sub and YouTube.

Back to Def Noodles Girlfriend, a thread recently came up on the subreddit where a viewer accused her of lecturing and criticizing people and subsequently deleting comments after realizing her “hypocrisy”.

Another Reddit user defended Def Noodles Girlfriend, saying she did nothing wrong by supporting her partner, despite dating a YouTuber drama, and still adores him.

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Def Noodles Faces Ridicule for Drama Channel Apology Tour

Def Noodles was criticized for his inauthentic apology tour, which involved sending copy-pasted apologies to his visitors.

Last year, it came under fire after engaging in multiple controversies with other drama channels, such as Keemstar and PapaGut.

Dennis faced various consequences, including a one-year Twitter ban, a defamation lawsuit against Keemstar, and a drop in followers after engaging in disputes with drama channels.

He tried to make amends for his past mistakes by sending apologetic messages to numerous people who criticized him, including a tipster, Caboose, and Nicolas DeDrio.

Additionally, he apologized to other creators, such as Tipster and Kavos. Still, some people are reluctant to accept his apologies, as fans have noticed that they all have striking similarities.

Apology Tour Failed Def Noodles
Def Noodles Failed Apology Tour (Source: St. Niall)

When Kabus stated that he received the same apology in almost the same tone and text on his Twitter account, many content creators and viewers mocked him for his “cheap apology”.

PapaGut even made a video where he talked about Def Noodles’ uncompromising apology tour, and he also admitted that he still hasn’t received an apology from Def.

While some fans have defended Dennis by suggesting that his apology should be taken as genuine, others maintain a firm position that his apology is insufficient and unnecessary to accept.

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