When it comes to Fake Lilibet, we CANNOT STOP BEING SUSPICIOUS! The level of lies from Meghan Markle has increased

Given how far Meghan Markle took her deception, we can’t help but doubt Lily’s veracity. I found myself thinking about something we hadn’t talked about recently after a moment of quiet contemplation: the mysterious invisible children. I have to admit, I can’t help but be fascinated by the enigmatic offspring of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Remember the article from the Sussex PR department from the Jubilee year which claimed that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles had met the artificial child, Anon? Well, this story seems made up, just like many others that Meghan Markle herself made up. The single image of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip holding baby Archie after his birth is visibly photoshopped.

The supposed arrival of the Invisible Children during the Queen’s Jubilee weekend adds another layer to the intrigue. Each member of the royal family has had a busy weekend filled with official engagements across all four countries of the United Kingdom, making it an unlikely time for a birthday celebration.

Why couldn’t they have visited us at a more convenient time? It was one of the busiest royal weekends in years, leaving no room for such a visit. It is obvious that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry deliberately orchestrated this to create yet another web of deception.

Queen Elizabeth was even forced to cancel some of her jubilee events, such as the Thanksgiving church service, a concert and the Beacon lighting ceremony, due to her discomfort and pain from bone cancer. It’s absurd to think that she would forgo these important events to play with a one-year-old on the floor.

The entire birthday party storyline was entirely fictional and intended to portray the royal family in a negative light, insinuating that they had refused to attend Lily’s party. In reality, the royal family was preoccupied that day, with most of its members out of town. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry planned it this way, intentionally.

While I respect parents’ rights to their children’s privacy, what irks me about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is their penchant for teasing the public with obscure images of their children. They must either share photos of the children or keep them completely out of public view. This applies to other royals who employ similar tactics. These partial glimpses of their children appear to be an attempt to play on the audience’s curiosity.

Additionally, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s posts never explicitly confirm that the children in the photos are Archie and Lily. They seem to assume that the public will make this connection, which is rather strange. It’s fascinating that even though they are addicted to media attention, they rarely spotlight their children and their children are absent from their vacations.

Even the documents for their private plane for the Jubilee service confirmed the absence of children. Airport employees noted the absence of child-related items. If the children were indeed there, Meghan Markle would have shared photos of them everywhere.

So, let’s set the record straight: Charles has never met Lily, the Queen has never met Lily, and no one else has met Lily because there is no evidence to suggest she exists . Meghan Markle’s story about the Queen playing on the floor with Lily is absurd, given the Queen’s age and health. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were also caught taking photos with their “invisible” children, casting doubt on the entire narrative.

It is telling that the royal family has not released any official photos of these children, unlike other royals who regularly share family portraits. This is indeed a complex question. Now I’ll let you continue discussing invisible children in the comments section.

Regarding the comments on your previous video titled “The Privacy World Tour in Atlanta: The Sussexes return to American soil after a romantic getaway”, it is evident that Meghan Markle Markle’s popularity continues to decline. Many express disbelief at her self-image and question her actions.

People are eagerly awaiting the moment when Prince William and Princess Catherine ascend the throne, providing the privacy that Meghan Markle so ardently desires. Some even speculate about his real financiers and the source of funds for his public relations campaigns.

Meghan Markle’s efforts to maintain her public persona seem in vain as her popularity wanes. Many people doubt her motives because of the way she presents herself as a humanitarian and her relentless quest for media attention. The public seems less interested in her efforts as she gets closer to middle age, and her attempts to stay in the public eye become more obvious.


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