What is the Phoenix Ray religion? Ethnicity and descent

Fans are curious about Phoenix Ray’s religion, ethnicity and origin. He is known for appearing in Mustangs FC, Stateless and Romper Stomper.

In addition to his other notable roles, Phoenix Ray co-starred in the 2021 Netflix series Clickbait, where he shared the screen with Zoe Kazan, Adrienne Grenier, and Betty Gabriel.

Everything is discussed in this article, from his religion and nationality to his partner and acting career!

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What is the Phoenix Ray religion? Ethnicity and descent

Born on October 28, 1990, he developed a keen interest in acting from a young age. However, due to societal expectations and pressures, he pursued higher education and studied law.

Clickbait Cast Phoenix is ​​a patriotic man with heartwarming feelings towards his birthplace Iran.

Yes, Phoenix Rai was born in Iran, specifically in Shiraz. His family immigrated to Perth, Australia, when he was still a child.

Because it is originally of Persian origin, people usually assume that the Phoenix Ray religion is Muslim, since almost 90% of the Iranian population follows the teachings of Allah (Muhammad).

However, when he married his longtime girlfriend, Kate Elizabeth Lister, the wedding looked like a typical Christian wedding ceremony with the bride wearing a white dress, as seen hereImage.

When we scrolled through his Instagram account, we found that most of his family members including his cousins ​​have Muslim names.

The topic of faith and religion is somewhat discreet about Phoenix Ray, as he has never been vocal about his faith.

Phoenix Ray Religion, Ethnicity and Origin were resolved (source: Instagram)

As for his partner, Phoenix Rai and his wife Kate have collaborated on several projects in the past, and they jointly run a production company called Little Fish Films.

Australian actress and producer Kate Lister gained recognition for her breakthrough role as Rachel in the horror film Unhinged (2017), directed by Dan Allen.

Lister’s unusual character won critical acclaim and served as a launching pad for her successful acting career.

The couple welcomed their first child, Odia Sky Rai, on February 2, 2023. They posted several pictures of their daughter on their Instagram handle.

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Phoenix Raei: From Mustangs FC to Clickbait

In 2014, Phoenix Rai debuted in a short film under the stage name Nima Rai. He later wrote and directed the film Seven Stories Down, released in 2017 and credited under his stage name.

He made his television debut on the Australian football show Mustangs FC. He landed his first major acting role in the 2017 film Australia Day and wrote and directed a miniseries called Murder.

Rai then moved to Melbourne and continued his acting career. One of his notable appearances was in the Australian political thriller Romper Stomper, which aired in 2018.

Phoenix was cast in the Australian crime drama series Wentworth in 2019. In the same year, he received the Casting Guild of Australia’s Rising Star Award for his promising talent and potential.

Phoenix Ray
Persian actor Phoenix Rai is now a father (source: Creative soul management)

In 2020, Phoenix Ray took on a role in the series Stateless, a powerful exploration of Australian immigration detention centres. The talented Cate Blanchett created the show.

Phoenix Rai has been cast as Roshan Amiri, an investigative specialist focused on locating missing persons in the critically acclaimed Clickbait series offered on the Netflix streaming platform.

The talented Persian actor played a prominent role as a cast member in the TV soap The Heights, which ran for two seasons from 2018 to 2019.

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