What Does It Mean for Prince Harry?

The question of Prince Harry’s potential response to Meghan Markle’s potential return to the limelight has become a topic of interest among pundits. Royal commentator Daniela Elser explores this possibility in her article for News.com.au.

The discussion erupted as Ms Elser hinted at the possibility of Meghan Markle’s “homecoming” given her recent public appearances and the media attention they have garnered.

This situation also raises questions about Prince Harry’s perspective, given his reputation as an “outdoors” individual, as an insider close to The Sun mentioned.

Given Prince Harry’s preference for privacy and Meghan Markle’s alleged affinity for the camera, Ms Elser wondered: “Where will Harry be in all of this? Will he be happy by his side, enjoying the reflected stardust and reveling in his wife’s newfound fame?”

Alternatively, could he be “at home, slumped on the couch in a ramen-stained hoodie, sadly attempting the Wordle du Jour, stuck in self-imposed isolation?”

Ms Elser humorously added: ‘Maybe Joni Mitchell got it wrong all those years ago – heaven isn’t paved, but it’s surrounded by a great bloody wall’, concluding her article.

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