What are the worst Keanu Reeves movies?

What are Keanu Reeves’ worst movies?

It was not all a success story for this actor, who also has little-recognized feature films like 47 Ronin.

The life of the great actor Keanu Reeves has been full of many mistakes and bad times. As for his acting career, he has only surprised the world with his spectacular performances, but not everyone has a hot streak sometimes and many projects that can be called successful turn out to be the opposite. .

Therefore, Reeves also has some bad movies and even some that weren’t blockbusters. Here’s a little list of Keanu Reeves’ not-so-great movies.

The lake house: many love it and others hate it. They say it wasn’t one of Reeves’ best performances. The truth is, what can make it a bad movie is how flat its story is, even though it is a well-known romantic drama.

Constantine: is a thriller where Constantine (Keanu Reeves) is tasked with exorcising various demons. It is his mission in life. The character performs these actions in an attempt to gain some extra time to live since he suffers from lung disease.

Critics of the film are numerous due to the absurdity of its plot. Although it could be said that he was in fact one of the most famous of his career.

47 Ronin: 3D Cinema has never been one of the best. That doesn’t exempt this exciting, action-packed story. He plays Kai, who is half Japanese and half British.

He joined the rônin since he was enslaved. Many comment that it is not the best that we have seen of him.

Johnny Mnemonic: Thanks to that, he almost received the award for best lead role at the Razzie Awards. It’s kind of a pre-Matrix, because it has a somewhat similar plot.

In it, Reeves plays Johnny who has the ability to store a lot of information in his brain through an implantation they performed. Its main task is to disseminate this information.

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