Victoria and David Beckham’s Ultimate Revenge on Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Leaves Sussexes Humiliated On Air

Last week, the spotlight was on the Beckhams – the football legend and his stylish wife, who were spotted alongside former US President Barack Obama at a charity event. On the surface, it may seem like an innocent gathering, but according to inside sources, Meghan Markle, with her alleged political ambitions, was far from happy with this high-profile alliance in the United States. In fact, sources say she was seething. According to people close to the situation, seeing the Beckhams get involved with the Obamas’ foundation left Meghan feeling personally targeted and humiliated.

This is being described as a major blow to what was supposed to be Meghan’s ticket to political success – her connection to the Obamas. Insiders suggest that Meghan had invested considerable effort in establishing a relationship with the Obamas, and now, seeing the Beckhams enjoying this coveted access, she would take it very personally. But let’s go back a little. The cracks in Prince Harry’s friendship with David Beckham apparently began to show a few years ago.

Rumors suggest Harry accused David and Victoria of leaking stories, a move which left David furious. Additionally, the former footballer felt snubbed after flying 22 hours from London to Sydney at the request of the Royals for the 2018 Invictus Games.

However, this supposed snub was not one-sided. David and Victoria Beckham invited Prince William and Kate to their son Brooklyn’s wedding, but especially not Harry and Meghan. The move appears to further distance the Beckhams from the Sussexes, with Meghan having apparently stopped using Victoria’s designs – a subtle but pointed fashion statement. Meanwhile, Kate continued to showcase Victoria’s designs at public events.

The Beckhams’ apparent distance from the Sussexes even strengthened David’s friendship with Prince William and the future king. According to royal expert Sarah Houston, the move demonstrates David Beckham’s clear allegiances and strengthened ties with the future monarch.

Now the Obama factor comes into play. The Sussexes have long claimed a close relationship with the Obamas, with Barack supporting Prince Harry in a promotional video for the Invictus Games in 2016. However, Meghan’s alleged political ambitions, coupled with her payment to Michelle Obama’s former press chief for his strategic support, may have changed the dynamic.

The culmination of this saga was former US President Barack Obama’s 60th birthday celebration – a three-day extravaganza attended by royalty, Hollywood figures and political heavyweights. Surprisingly, Meghan and Harry were not on the coveted guest list. Was this a deliberate snub or just a coincidence? The plot thickens.

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