Tom Cruise’s dental surgery

Tom Cruise Dental Surgery: Tom Cruise is arguably one of Hollywood’s most famous actors. Besides being an American actor and film producer, Tom is known as one of the most attractive men in Hollywood.

One of Cruise’s trademarks is his dazzling white smile. However, he was not born with that pearly smile. In his first film appearances, Cruise’s teeth were visibly yellowish and misaligned.

Tom Cruise’s dental office

Although he has taken care of his physique and his appearance over the years, Tom Cruise has known a lot of rumors but he manages to stay above the fray and does not respond to any rumors. Still, one rumor that may be substantiated is the one behind Cruise’s trademark smile.

The ‘Mission Impossible’ and ‘Top Gun’ star started his career with discolored and crooked teeth and many experts assume he underwent extensive dental work. To become the star he is today with such an appearance and a beautiful smile with perfect teeth, Tom Cruise had several dental procedures: teeth alignment and teeth whitening. That apparently wasn’t enough since the devoted member of the Church of Scientology has reportedly had dental veneers since.

Tom Cruise's dental office

Tom Cruise and teeth whitening

During those early years of appearing in movies as an actor, the talented and handsome actor underwent a teeth whitening procedure. This cosmetic dental surgery procedure helped Cruise fix his discolored teeth and get an attractive, eye-catching color.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that has brought great satisfaction to patients who use dental aesthetics.

Tom Cruise and dental veneers

After watching the American action movie “Top Gun” directed by “Tony Scott”, Cruise fans noticed that the smile of this famous actor has become more attractive and brighter. Dental surgery experts believe he had dental veneers applied for a quick makeover. The placement of dental veneers has helped the famous Hollywood actor achieve a dazzling smile.

Porcelain veneers are an ideal solution for a dazzling smile. They are placed to hide discolorations and whiten teeth. This cosmetic dentistry procedure creates a very realistic dental appearance and restores a Hollywood smile.

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