Tiffany Perez (Black Ink Crew) Bio, Age, Height, Family, Husband, Net worth, Black Ink Crew

Tiffany Perez (ink crew)

Biography of Tiffany Perez (Black Ink Crew)

This is what you need to know about Tiffany Perez (Black Ink Crew) is an American tattoo artist and TV reality personality known for her role in the Black Ink Crew TV series. Perez had been getting a self-taught tattoo for two and a half years.

Tiffany Perez (Black Ink Crew) Age

Perez was born on March 21, 1987 in Paterson, NJ. She is currently 34 years old since 2020. Perez celebrates her birthday on March 21 every year.

Tiffany Perez (Black Ink Crew) Height

Details about Perez’s height are unknown. We will update this information as soon as it is available.

Tiffany Perez Family (Black Ink Crew)

Little is known about the Perez family, her father gave her her first tattoo gun on her 21st birthday. She had previously been with her aunt in Miami before returning to New Jersey.

Tiffany Perez (Black Ink Crew) Husband

Perez has kept the details of her love life private away from the public. It is unknown if she is married or dating. We will update this information as soon as it is available.

Tiffany Perez Training (Black Ink Crew)

Perez studied at Montclair State University and received her degree in Fine Arts. He later began learning at Rider’s Ink Tattoo Parlor.

Tiffany Perez (Black Ink Crew) Net worth

Perez has an estimated net worth of between $ 1 million and $ 5 million.

Tiffany Perez (Black Ink Crew) Black Ink Crew

Perez is known for its detailed and realistic tattoo designs in black and gray. He became famous when he was a supporting member of the fifth season of VH1’s Black Ink Crew. Perez also owns Ink Gallery Tattoo Parlor.

Perez started getting tattoos at the age of 21. The Dutchman prevented her from working at Black Ink. He worked for many years in a male-dominated industry. Perez was the first contestant to be eliminated in the Black Ink. Before becoming a tattoo artist, Perez was a hip hop dancer.

One of Perez’s distinguished clients is the former Love & Hip Hop star in Hollywood, Omarion. Other high profile clients include Maino. Buffalo Bills’ James Ihedigbo and former MTV Real World contestant Nick Brown.

Tiffany Perez (Black Ink Crew) Social media

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