They publish scandalous photo of Justin Bieber

They publish a scandalous photo of Justin Bieber

A new scandal fully implicates the young Canadian singer Justin Bieber. This time for a compromising photo that generated a real scandal on social networks.

The compromising photo was revealed by the portal, which published an image in which Justin Bieber is seen kissing the left ni ** of a stripper, while his friend Khalil Sharieff also does the same on the another within the stripper. women.

Although his dad recently posted a sweet image of Justin Bieber sleeping blissfully, the artist is no little angel. According to the portal that publishes the scandalous photo, the scene was captured during a party in a recording studio in Los Angeles and the dancer in question – whose face is not visible in the photo – would be “old enough to be the mother of Justin Bieber”.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that the details of the Canadian’s erotic-love adventures have been revealed. During her last tour of South America, a Brazilian posted a video of the star sleeping in a hotel room after a night of passion.

It looks like Bieber has time to have fun on the fringes of the law. He was recently arrested for hitting his driver and they even called for his expulsion for the bad example he sets for the thousands of fans who follow him.

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