The unhealthy menu that Donald Trump orders every time he eats from McDonald’s

The unhealthy menu Donald Trump orders every time he eats at McDonald’s

Two former campaign advisers to Donald Trump have just published a book with some curious details about the president. Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie talk in ‘Let Trump be Trump’ about the unhealthy menu the tycoon ate while fighting for the presence of the United States.

As they reveal, when Donald Trump chose to place an order at McDonald’s, he was clear on what the minimum order should be: two Big Macs, two fried fish burgers and a chocolate milkshake. They forgot to mention if he ordered fries and a sweet drink, as seen on Instagram. A menu with a high fat content, well above what is recommended.

The current US president is an avowed fast food lover. His love for these foods even led him to ask the chefs of the White House to imitate certain specific dishes from McDonald’s, a company for which he came to shoot some commercials.

According to The Guardian, Trump’s requested menu at this fast-food chain adds 2,420 calories. He ate almost the doctor-recommended 2,500 calories for an entire day for adult men in one sitting.

The worst thing about this order would be the 112 grams of fat in it. They make up 172% of what Trump should eat every 24 hours. It also tops sodium, as its McDonald’s menu contains 3,470 milligrams of salt, or 144 percent of the recommended daily dose.

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