The Reason Why Prince Harry and Meghan Appeared Together on July 4th While in the Divorce Process

It looks like they are once again playing tricks to undermine the royal family. Recently, they were seen together on a fake walk with their daughter, which was clearly a publicity stunt. It’s time to experience the smoke and mirrors created by Harry and Meghan.

Despite the ongoing divorce process, Harry and Meghan should at least be removed from the royal family’s website. Smoke and mirrors continue to emanate from their side in California. It should be noted that there is a law in California prohibiting the photography of minor children.

However, Harry was photographed with blurry images of Lilibet, which raised questions about his growth. It’s also interesting to see a British prince and princess celebrating American Independence Day, which signifies the fall of Britain’s association with the 13 American colonies.

But let’s not be surprised. Harry and Meghan always strive to stay in the spotlight. As King Charles prepared to receive Scottish honours, they couldn’t resist seeking publicity. They are publicity fiends, constantly striving to grab attention and stay ahead of the curve.

Their public image is carefully crafted, portraying themselves as members of the global royal family living in America. The fact that their children were photographed indicates that Harry and Meghan agreed to have the photos published, as the photographers would face legal consequences for breaking California law.

If Harry and Meghan are going through a divorce, why were they seen together on July 4? And why did they deliberately overshadow the king’s coronation? It seems Harry and Meghan can’t help but insert themselves into every story to get publicity. These are professional and compulsively competitive spoilers. Meghan encouraged Harry to criticize his own family, including his brother and even the late Princess Diana.

Regarding the divorce, it is important to clarify that even if negotiations can take place, it is not certain that they really divorce. Their marriage is certainly rocky, with both fighting for professional and personal survival.

Harry has cut ties and now finds himself stranded in California. Many of his old acquaintances in the UK no longer want to be associated with him, feeling betrayed by his actions. There was no prenuptial agreement, as Harry believed in the purity of their love. Unfortunately, Megan took advantage of Harry’s vulnerabilities and weaknesses, bringing out his dark side. Prenuptial agreements wouldn’t matter in this case.

Some may wonder why the Royal Family has not taken positive action against the Sussexes. It is crucial to consider that Harry is an adult and responsible for his own actions. While the Royal Family would be concerned about a family member going through a divorce, they don’t want to be involved in unsavory situations or dirty laundry. They want to avoid being drawn into a long and high profile divorce, especially given the lack of credibility of Harry and Meghan, who have told many lies.

Divorces can be traumatic, and families often seek to resolve them without causing further harm. They can propose financial settlements to eliminate the trauma and avoid prolonged media attention. As for the removal of titles, that is a matter of debate, and King Charles III’s position on birthright and line of succession remains to be seen. It is clear that a prenuptial agreement was not necessary since Harry has no access to any royal assets or tangible property in the UK.

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As for Harry and Meghan’s divorce, it won’t be a typical royal divorce but rather a California divorce between two pretentious individuals. Harry’s true assets are limited to what is in his trust fund, as he has not served in the military long enough to receive a pension. Apparently, at the age of 21, Prince William and Prince Harry split the first half of their trust fund money with their great-grandmother, totaling around £6million or so. $7.8 million.

There have been reports that Harry received the majority of the inheritance to compensate for not becoming sovereign, but this claim has been debunked. There are no trust funds from their great-grandmother. It makes no sense, given that the Queen Mother died with a large debt. Forbes also rejected the idea of ​​compensating Harry for not being sovereign. Also, the idea of ​​compensating old spare parts from previous generations does not hold water.

As far as Diana’s estate is concerned, it is estimated that £22 million was available at the time of her death. After probate, taxes and bequests, the amount remaining was approximately £16 million. This was split evenly between William and Harry. Diana structured her will more like a conventional civilian wealthy person, ensuring the welfare of each of her descendants rather than focusing on inheriting a position and estate.

Diana’s executors had the power to make variations and act differently from what her will had declared, as Diana repeatedly deferred to their judgment. At the age of 30, William and Harry were granted free access to the principal of their respective trusts. There has been speculation as to whether Harry has exhausted his inheritance or if there are funds left. However, it is important to note that this money came from his mother’s side, even though the origin was the money Charles gave Diana in the divorce settlement.

There is no Queen Mother Trust, and Anne does not oversee another version of the Trust until William and Harry are 40. These are errors that continue to circulate, but in reality they contain no truth. The British Royal Family would have no involvement with Harry’s personal funds, as it was his money on his mother’s side.

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