The most scandalous photo of Halle Berry

Halle Berry’s most scandalous photo

American actress Halle Berry began shooting her upcoming film, Frankie and Allice, this month and quickly gained media attention when set photos were released in which the performer shows her br – * – ea – * – s – * – ts on display, according to reports from the Egotastic blog.

In the film, Berry will put herself in the shoes of a young woman suffering from psychological disorders torn between her true personality and a second, racist and violent.

While it is not yet known whether in the final footage the Oscar-winning Hollywood star will look like this or if what is shown on screen will be substantially cut off, the footage has already managed to draw attention to this horror flick. psychology of Briton Geoffrey Sax even before a release date is set.

Likewise, these photographs show Berry retaining the “s * – * x symbol” status at age 42 even after her recent motherhood, giving new arguments to those who recently voted her the sexiest woman in the world.

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