The Final Nail in the Coffin!

King Charles, in a decisive move, elevated Sir Edward Young to a position of high honour, making him his permanent lord-in-waiting. This unexpected decision sent shockwaves through Montecito, where Harry and Megan reside. It seems King Charles has chosen to extend a respectful hand to one of the most controversial figures in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Sir Edward Young, known for his significant clash with Prince Harry, could now represent the king at events where the monarch cannot be present in person. According to inside sources, King Charles has great admiration for Lord Young, particularly for the pivotal role he played during Queen Elizabeth’s reign, often under intense pressure.

This new honor bestowed on Sir Edward Young demonstrates his unwavering commitment to royal service. Although he retired after 19 years, he continued to serve, helping to ease the transition after the death of Queen Elizabeth. It has long been speculated that he bore some responsibility for Harry and Megan’s dissatisfaction with their royal roles, a claim confirmed by Harry’s memoir.

In his book, Harry accused Sir Edward Young of obstructing his attempts to discuss Megxit with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, and of facilitating the removal of his security detail from Scotland Yard after leaving office. royal. Harry even humorously called him “the bee” due to his distinctive appearance and composed demeanor.

Interestingly, Harry compared three of the top palace advisers involved in the Megxit negotiations to zoological categories – “the bee”, “the fly” and “the wasp”. The bee was none other than Sir Edward Young, who exuded a calm and poised air. “The Fly” and “The Wasp” depicted fellow senior advisers, Simon Case and Clive Alderton, respectively.

Harry described these advisers as “middle-aged white men who managed to consolidate power through a series of audacious Machiavellian maneuvers”. While they bore seemingly normal names, they were, in Harry’s eyes, symbolic of their personalities and roles within the royal apparatus.

Despite the controversies and disagreements, King Charles’s decision to appoint Sir Edward Young as his permanent lord-in-waiting reflects the king’s appreciation for his service. It seems that Harry’s perception of Palace advisers and their roles in the Megxit saga differs from the reality of the situation.

This decision by King Charles underlines that within the royal institution, the directives of the monarch and the institution itself take precedence. Harry’s post-royal activities may have caught his eye, but the institution lives on and the former prince must accept his new role outside of its confines.

Let’s not be swayed by Harry and Megan’s attempts to bestow American titles on their children; the reality remains clear. Maybe they should just appreciate that the king didn’t strip them of their existing titles. It’s fair to say that Sussex deserves a Duke who truly upholds the honor of the title through his devotion to the Royal Family. While others, like Jason Noff, are recognized for their service, William and Catherine’s popularity ratings skyrocket. Meanwhile, Harry’s trajectory seems to be quite the opposite, and there’s a lesson to be learned here.

These people held certain standards, ones that Harry and Megan may have ignored during their time in America. The role of officials in advising the royal family is strictly that – advisory. Any deviation from their advice would require the approval of the reigning monarch, King Charles or Prince William. The rules governing security are also pretty clear: working royals enjoy 24/7 security when performing official royal duties, a category that Harry has moved away from.

Sir Edward Young, in all this, had no say in matters of security; he simply followed established protocols. It’s obvious that Harry is still struggling with the idea that the world doesn’t revolve around him. He seems to misunderstand that the late Queen delegated many duties to others, a practice he was raised to understand.

If Harry had chosen a quieter private life outside of royal duties, it would probably have been met with understanding. Even writing a book criticizing the inner workings of the palace might have been tolerated. What turned the tide was his disloyalty, revealing private information and attacking his own family.

Such betrayals have eroded trust, a rare opportunity for the company to fight back. While the reasons for Harry’s anger remain somewhat unclear, his actions in Japan, where he was expected to show respect, have raised eyebrows. The Royal Family doesn’t dictate the show; rather, it is the royal advisers who understand how to ensure its continuity.

By appointing Sir Edward Young, King Charles made a strategic decision to reassert his authority. Harry’s opinion on this choice is irrelevant, as he is no longer a member of the royal family. This decision serves as a subtle reminder of who is responsible, and it’s not Harry. Interestingly, if Megan and Harry have such a dislike for him, it might just suggest that Sir Edward Young is a strong-willed person.

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