The day they ruined Megan Fox’s career for denouncing that she was s-xualized at 15

The Day They Ruined Megan Fox’s Career For Exposing She Was Sexualized At 15

The ‘Transformers’ director had her dancing in a bikini and heels as part of the film’s audition. Upon her release in 2009, she was called “ungrateful” by the media.

In 2007, Megan Fox had the “honor” of being the most searched person on Google while magazines chose her as the most attractive woman in the world. The actress was 21 and had done next to nothing in film until Michael Bay cast her in ‘Transformers,’ the film that would propel her to stardom despite her role being nothing more than a simile for the protagonist, Shia La Beouf.

It wasn’t yet the time for emancipated women in Hollywood blockbusters and Megan Fox had to settle for teaching more than starring in a film with as much testosterone as explosions. Despite everything, the young woman managed to transcend the idea of ​​”symbol sx” to pursue her career in cinema.

A career which, on the other hand, never took off.

However, producers didn’t get the young actress for the third installment due to a controversial interview she gave in 2009 in which she compared the film’s director, Michael Bay, to Adolf Hitler. A Twitter user picked up this interview and managed to make it viral. “2009 music video in which Megan Fox tells a story about Michael Bay in which she sexualizes her when she was only 15 years old.

The audience laughs and host Kimmel makes rude jokes. Teenage girls who are attacked by older men have never taken themselves seriously and still haven’t,” he wrote on social media. Car as part of his “Transformers” audition. she spoke out, she was called ‘ungrateful’ by the media and her career was destroyed by Bay and Steven Spielberg.”

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