Strips Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of Royal Titles in a Brutal Move

Contrary to the idea that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could lose their titles, this did not come directly from the sovereign but rather from an MP. Tom Quinn, author of “Scandal of the Royal Palaces,” cast doubt on the idea, saying Parliament was unlikely to pass bills to strip Harry and Meghan’s titles. Quinn’s skepticism is rooted in the belief that such a move would exacerbate an already difficult situation, creating a political minefield that Parliament is unlikely to navigate.

Quinn highlights the historical context, recalling that even Edward VII, who abdicated the throne, did not lose his title. According to him, the titles, devoid of political weight, are more akin to honors awarded by the royal family and theoretically cannot be snatched away by the government. Here’s the intriguing part: King Charles, the supposed protagonist of this title-scoring drama, is portrayed as a reluctant gambler. Quinn suggests that the king would not want to harm his son or daughter-in-law by stripping them of their titles, adding a layer of humanity to the royals, and portraying them as diplomatic individuals unwilling to adopt an aggressive stance.

Enter PM Cely, the brains behind the proposed bill. Quinn offers an interesting perspective, suggesting that Cely could use this bill to draw attention to a topic that makes him angry, using it as a tool to say, “Look, we don’t want Harry to cause problems,” while making headlines. and public attention.

The saga of stripping royal titles feels more like political posturing than an actual threat, shrouded in layers of complexity, historical precedent and the delicate diplomatic dance for which the Royals are known. Whether this bill will see the light of day remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the drama surrounding Harry and Meghan continues to be a gripping spectacle, keeping us all in suspense.

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