Sofía Vergara, the Colombian who won Hollywood

Sofia Vergara, the Colombian who won Hollywood

A woman who knows very well the meaning of sowing and then reaping the wonderful fruits, a warrior, a lover of challenges, a being whose word fear does not exist in her vocabulary, are some of the most striking characteristics of the most. famous colombian woman. Hollywood.

Sofía Margarita Vergara Vergara, born in Barranquilla, Colombia on July 10, 1972, is a Colombian actress, businesswoman and model.

Sofia Vergara, the Colombian who won Hollywood

She began her career in entertainment as a commercial and runway model. She was hired by soft drink brand Pepsi to be part of their advertising campaign in her native Colombia. Thanks to her work, she became known in the world of television.

Being an ambitious woman in terms of work, Sofia was very clear that she would take her career to another level, not only to be recognized in her country, but she wanted to cross the border. And so she decided to emigrate to the United States and start writing a new chapter in show business.

Upon arriving in the city of Miami, she signed an exclusive contract with the Hispanic television channel Univisión and began working on various projects, some of which was a presenter of Out of Series and A que no te dares. She was also the host of La Bomba. for a local station in New York, he also appeared in a few novels like Acapulco, Body and Soul, Fire in the Blood, among others. She is definitely a versatile woman in her field of work, with the sole aim of making known her excellent performance in the workplace.

Sofia felt that her stay in Miami would not last long, as her desire for big projects was not in this city, so she decided and left for Los Angeles, a place where the participation of Latino actors n was not very common at that time. . However, the challenges for this Colombian were not cause for fear.

Vergara didn’t receive many job offers when she first started playing in Los Angeles. At the auditions, they did not know where to put her because she was not brunette, which did not fit the stereotypical image of the Latin girl.

Sofia Vergara, the Colombian who won Hollywood

Her entry into the English-speaking market began with her participation as a presenter at the American Comedy Awards for the Fox Channel, where she met director Barry Sonnenfeld, who offered her the role of Nina in Disney’s Big Trouble. She has acted and participated in films such as Chasing Papi, Soul Plane, The 24th hour, Lords of Dogtown, Grilled, Pledge this and Four Brothers.

She produced the famous American series Desperate Housewives in a Latin version, which was very well received by Hispanic audiences. In 2009, she was hired on Broadway to play Mamma Morton in the Chicago musical. She is currently a member of the Modern Family series, playing a Colombian named Gloria.

Sofia Vergara, the Colombian who won Hollywood

Sofía, in addition to being an actress and model, also innovated in the fashion world by creating her own clothing line called Vergara by Sofía. Clothing designed for any type of woman, executive, student or housewife, in order to highlight feminine beauty in all her creations.

Vergara became in 2015 the second Colombian to obtain a star on the Walk of Fame, an award given to her for her excellent work in the world of entertainment and for being an example to follow among Latin American and female society. .

Sofia Vergara, the Colombian who won Hollywood

The life of this Colombian also has its curious side, we tell you some of them here:

  • During her teenage years, her friends and family called the actress “La toti”
  • The actress is naturally blonde. But she decided to dye brown when she started casting for Latino characters in the United States.
  • At first, she was not going to devote herself to show business. Sofia Vergara began to study dentistry.
  • At 28, the actress beat thyroid cancer
  • When she left Colombia for the United States, she stopped eating meat because it did not taste the same. Since then, she has not eaten meat in this country.

A woman who has fought to achieve her goals and keep doing what she is most passionate about, a being who has overcome and overcome all the obstacles that come her way and who has only one thing clear in this life , get it right from the start. better. The bottom of the heart is the main key to success.

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