Slams Greedy Meghan Markle for Alleged Blackmail and Praises Kate

The dynamic between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has raised questions about the existence of their support system, as royal commentator Michael Cole explained. In a recent chat with GB News, Cole shed light on the potential dangers arising from the Sussexes’ lack of family connection. Cole began by pointing out the similarities between Meghan and Harry in terms of relationships and the apparent lack thereof. On the one hand, Meghan has strained relationships with most of her family, having only limited contact with her mother and a niece.

On the other hand, Prince Harry is estranged from the entire royal family, with Princess Anne apparently issuing an ultimatum to stop the PR attacks on the royal family or face serious consequences. These reports coincide with Miss Angela L’s claims regarding the Sussexes’ second memoirs. Expressing skepticism, she wondered whether Megan’s memoir, filled with complaints and varied memories, would resonate positively with audiences. Another revelation suggests Harry bragged to Meghan about having access to and oversight of the duchy’s finances, thereby positioning himself as William’s equal in line for the throne.

Meghan reportedly urged him to assert his so-called rights, presenting himself as a king and queen. The royal source claims Harry’s attempt to blackmail King Charles for financial support to save his marriage reflects his misguided expectations.

The insider also reveals that Prince Harry thought marrying Meghan would automatically grant them the same privileges as William and Catherine. However, the reality for William and Catherine involved gradual progression, obtaining titles, apartments in Kensington and a sophisticated wardrobe by expanding their family and engaging in substantial patronages and successful tours. The insider suggests that Harry’s mindset when it comes to law, combined with irritability and vindictiveness, could be contributing to his unrealistic expectations. This highlights a fundamental misunderstanding of royal dynamics and the pace at which awards are traditionally granted, even in unfavorable comparison with Prince Andrew, who, as the monarch’s son, did not receive benefits at the same rate fast.

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