Sharon Stone reveals what nearly destroyed her career

The actress replaced Elizabeth Taylor as head of the amfAR foundation, and her AIDS activism cost her eight years out of a job.

Sharon Stone is currently in Saudi Arabia for the Red Sea Film Festival and there she made one of her most difficult confessions. The actress recalled what it was like when she replaced Elizabeth Taylor at the head of the Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) and how this activism against the disease was about to cost her her career in the world of interpretation. Indeed, she assured that she had been out of work for a long time.

“It destroyed my career. I haven’t worked for eight years. I was told that if I ever mentioned the condoms again, the funds would be withdrawn. They threatened to kill me several times and I decided I had to move on,” she said in statements collected by People magazine. Stone first reprized her role at the 1995 Cannes Film Festival, and her publicist tried to warn her of the danger of speaking out about AIDS at the time, but she made him so aware of what she was facing .

After more than 25 years with the organization, the actress looks back and defends that she does not regret the decision she made despite the continuous threats she received. “I stayed for 25 years, until we had ads for AIDS treatments on TV, just like we had for aspirin,” she said. Of course, although she knew the risks, she never imagined the magnitude of what she would have to endure: “I had no idea of ​​the resistance, the cruelty, the hatred and the oppression we would face.

A testimony in the middle of a fight against a tumor

Sharon Stone fulfills various professional commitments as she deals with the terrible diagnosis she received a month ago after undergoing several tests. The actress has experienced genuine torture in recent months with examinations and analyzes that have resulted in an erroneous assessment of her state of health and a totally erroneous procedure.

Her pain kept increasing despite the help of specialists, so she sought a second opinion and discovered that she actually had a fibroid that needed to be removed. Sharon announced the news on her social media and encouraged her followers to seek a second opinion because it “may save their life”.

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