Screaming at USA Network HQ After Aaron Korsh Deletes Her from Suits

We all know that Meghan Markle had a big role as Rachel Zane on Suits for years before she became a royal. Now Suits creator Aaron Korsh is working on a spinoff called Suits LA, featuring a whole new cast of characters. But here's the thing: Meghan wasn't asked to come back at all, despite rumors of a triumphant return to acting. Turns out Korsh totally snubbed him. I got the scoop from Meghan's former co-star Rachel Harris, who spilled all the details. She is friends with Korsh and directly asked him if Meghan would be on the show. Apparently, he made it clear that the Duchess was not part of the plan. Can you believe it? Korsh didn't even consider inviting Meghan back. Talk about awkward!

It seems Korsh wants Suits LA to stand on its own without relying on Meghan's past fame. But let's face it, her character, Rachel, was one of the most important roles in the original series. So, it's pretty fishy that he's just writing her out of the story. This matches how Meghan has been cut off from her former co-stars, like Patrick J. Adams, who played her love interest on Suits. He recently admitted that they no longer had any communication and that he was afraid to even contact her. It's clear that Meghan used people like Patrick and the Suits platform as springboards to climb the social ladder. Now that she is living the high life of a duchess, she no longer seems to care about her old relationships.

The same thing happened with her former best friend Gina Torres from Suits. They were close and Gina was even invited to Meghan's royal wedding. But a year later, Gina hinted that they no longer keep in touch. It's as if Meghan moved on to bigger and better things and forgot about the people who helped her along the way.

Some advocates might say that it's natural to separate from your friends when your life changes, but most people would try to maintain those connections. Not Meghan. She wants to erase the past and associate herself only with her new glamorous image.

I can't help but wonder who will be next on Meghan's chopping block. At this rate, Prince Harry better watch his back. Meghan has always been ambitious, and it wouldn't surprise me if she decided that Harry had achieved his goal and moved on to someone even richer and more powerful.

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