Sammy Finch (House Of Ho) Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend Net Worth

Sammy Finch, cousin of Washington Ho, is one of the cast members of House of Ho. It seems that there are some changes in the relationship dynamics of the two. However, there have been a few changes since the first season premiere. Find out about her parents, net worth, age and boyfriend.

Meet Sammy Finch, Washington Ho’s cousin from HBO’s Max’s House Of Ho. He served as Washington’s confidant and “assistant.” Sammy’s life was a little more organized when she was first introduced, but instead she lived for the moment, even if it didn’t always work in her favor. He decided to hire her as head of marketing because she and Washington were so close.

However, the tension between them grows in Season 2 as Washington struggles to maintain his sobriety and begins to suspect that Sammy is not a positive influence. In the latest episode, viewers learned that Sammy and Washington are unlikely to see eye to eye. He has also struck up a friendship with fitness influencer Nikki Blackketter.

Sammy Finch began her career at Wade, Garcia & Associates as a project manager. Held in San Antonio, Texas, in 2012. Oversaw the implementation of technology as an innovative solution to increase client ROI. Introduced a new customer to a new market with a new solution. These were some of her job duties in the company.

As of 2019, Sammy serves as Chief Marketing Officer at Voltstreet Energy Advisors. He also held the position of Business Development at SAF Interest LLC. She is an experienced Marketing Executive with a track record of success in the management consulting industry. She is also proficient in Microsoft Word, sales, communication, creativity and teamwork.

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