Royal Protocol Broken Despite Prior Warning

In a bid to celebrate Meghan Markle’s upcoming birthday, Prince Harry thought of a heartfelt gift for his then-girlfriend. He opted for a 14-karat gold chain personalized by Maya Bren, adorned with M and H charms, which cost around three hundred dollars. Meghan was seen wearing the necklace in public, but it unexpectedly caused a bit of a stir.

Sources revealed Buckingham Palace staff had a phone call with Meghan advising her not to wear the necklace as it could attract unwanted press attention. The Royal Family feared this would encourage photographers to search for intrusive images and titles. The call left Meghan emotional and frustrated, as she found it surreal that someone from her boyfriend’s office was dictating what jewelry she should wear or how she should react to photographers.

Despite instructions from the palace, Meghan decided not to fully comply. In an act that seemed to irritate the palace, she called the paparazzi in Toronto, Canada to take a photo of her shopping while wearing the necklace. It was obvious that Meghan was determined to show her independence and resist strict royal protocols.

At the time, Prince Harry took a major 1,700-mile detour to see Meghan on her way back to Britain from her Caribbean tour. He spent the night with her in Toronto, where Meghan was based for her role in the American legal drama, Suits. It seemed their relationship was progressing well and Meghan couldn’t help but drop subtle hints on social media.

Throughout their journey together, Meghan has been known as a rule breaker, from dating Harry to becoming a member of the royal family. She defied tradition by not announcing the details of her child’s birth publicly and refraining from the usual photo shoots on the steps of Buckingham Palace’s maternity ward.

However, the issue with the necklace and the clash with the palace over it appeared to be a sore point for Meghan. While she has embraced her nonconformity in many areas, the necklace affair left her in tears, illustrating the complex dynamic between the couple and the royal family.

As for the future of the Sussexes, it remains uncertain. Meghan’s adventures in the new era and her various endeavors have yet to find a clear path for her. There have been rumors that Meghan and Harry could consider returning to royal life, especially as King Charles is likely to want to mend family ties. However, Harry’s past actions and public statements have created a security risk and skepticism within the royal family.

Regardless of the uncertainties, it is expected that the Royal Family will have a plan in place for Harry’s potential return. However, as long as Meghan remains in the picture, discussions are unlikely to take place. The situation remains delicate, and the future path of the Sussexes remains uncertain.

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