Rosamund Pike: Filming love Scenes With Neil Patrick Harris was Awkward

Rosamund Pike: Filming love scenes with Neil Patrick Harris was awkward

British actress Rosamund Pike, who will star in upcoming thriller Gone Girl, says she found it “inappropriate” to shoot love scenes with Neil Patrick Harris.

The film also stars Ben Affleck. According to Glamor magazine, the actress who plays Amy Dunne in an adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s bestselling novel of the same name was thrilled to work with her veteran co-stars, but when it came to filming the steamy scenes, things got a little complicated. embarrassing,

“Neil (Patrick Harris, who plays Amy’s obsessed ex Desi) was amazing in there. We were hysterical in the editing room. It was very funny to do (the rehearsals for our love) scene”, Pike said.

“(Neil and I were left alone) on this set for about two hours to make sure we could do it. But when you’re just the two of you, basically, ‘just having sex’ on a bed, it’s is so inappropriate,” she added.

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